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[How to make omnivorous egg fried rice]_Home cooking method of omnivorous egg fried rice_How to make omnivorous egg fried rice_How to make omnivorous egg fried rice

[How to make omnivorous egg fried rice]_Home cooking method of omnivorous egg fried rice_How to make omnivorous egg fried rice_How to make omnivorous egg fried rice

For some people who ca n’t cook, it ‘s difficult and troublesome to cook at home, but in fact there are many dishes that are very simple, as long as they learn, they are easy to master, and they do n’t imagineAs difficult as that, the practice of omnivorous egg fried rice is particularly simple, and those who are interested can learn it.

1. Prepare the ingredients and chop the green cabbage; 2. Cut the sausage into strips; 3. Mix the eggs with cooking wine; 4. Mix the green vegetables and sausage with diced mushrooms washed with cooking wine and mix togetherMix well in good eggs; 5, put oil and hot oil in the pan; 6, put the cold rice in the pan that has already been warmed with oil; 7, stir-fry the cold rice until it feels crunchy and then mix well before addingThe egg liquid and other vegetables and meats are mixed together and the omnivorous egg liquid is stir-fried, and evenly fried on each grain of rice; 8. The finished product food will have a certain impact on the human taste buds.For a successful dish, it would be better to have some soup after eating.

[How to make seafood broth]_How to make_How to make

[How to make seafood broth]_How to make_How to make

Broth is a kind of auxiliary material when it is loved to make a small amount. In general, broth refers to the soup after continuous cooking, and then adds some of this broth when cooking to become more delicious. Many timesWhile cooking, the broth can replace water. The broth is rich in nutrition. Depending on the ingredients used to make the broth, the taste of the broth is also different.

How to make seafood broth.

Ingredients: Soaked seaweed, sliced ?
?squid, raw chives, ginger, garlic, carrot, turnip, onion, peppercorn, dried shrimp, water, white wine, seafood powder, sugar, salt.

Production steps: Soak the kelp overnight, wash it and filter it.

Bring 100 kg of water to a boil, add kelp and simmer on low heat, remove impurities and froth, cover the pot, and cook for one and a half minutes.

Join all A’s.


Season the ingredients, cook for another 30 minutes, and pick up all the ingredients. Is the scale enough for 100 kg and not enough water to make up?

Cook for another 10 minutes and strain to complete the seafood broth.

Pork bone broth: The method of making pork bone broth is to clean the pork bones, bones and spines and cut into large pieces. Put the soup in a boiling water pot to remove the blood taste. After removing it, put it in a boiling pot with boiling water and add onion, Ginger cubes cooked in a small fire pot 3?

4 hours.

Pork bone broth can be used to cook various soups, and can also be used as a base flavor to flavor.

Chicken stock: How to make chicken stock, rinse the chicken rack thoroughly, immerse it in a boiling water pot, put it in the soup pot, add a moderate amount of water and boil, turn to low heat and cook for 2 hours, add a few pieces of ginger to taste, and continueContinue cooking until the soup has a strong flavor and skim the oil slick.

Chicken broth can be used to make vegetarian soups. Depending on your taste, you can add soup to other soups.

?Beef bone broth: The method of making beef bone broth is to clean the beef bone and cut into large pieces. Put the soup in a boiling water pot to remove the blood. After removing it, put it in a soup pot with boiling water, add the onion section, and ginger.Bring to a low heat and cook 4?
5 hours.

It’s fine when the soup is creamy and thick.

Beef bone broth can be used to make various kinds of meat soup, or you can use beef tendon or mixed beef with brown skin, ginger slices and boiled beef broth to replace beef bone broth according to the needs of the soup.

Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway (600377): 4Q18 deducted non-performance lower than expected local highway main business and dividend growth steadily

Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway (600377): 4Q18 deducted non-performance lower than expected local highway main business and dividend growth steadily

In the fourth quarter of 2018, non-performance deductions are expected. Ninghu Expressway’s 4Q revenue is 23 trillion, which is 6% in ten years. Net profit attributable to mothers is 7 trillion (EPS0.

14 yuan), the previous + 5%, non-net profit more than -4%, more than expected, mainly due to roads affected by weather than expected growth, oil revenue increased -34%.

Initial revenue was 99.

700 million US dollars, one year + 5%; net profit attributable to mothers is 4.4 billion US dollars, one year + 22%; if the acquisition of Hanwei brings 4.

300 million USD one-time income, recurring net profit + 8% per year.

Plan dividends of 0.

46 yuan / share, dividend payout ratio is 53%, A / H corresponds to 4.

6% / 4.

5% 18-year dividend yield.

The initial profit growth mainly comes from: 1) Toll roads: every 6% increase in vehicle traffic (endogenous growth of 7%), revenue of $ 7.5 billion, an annual increase of 5%, and a gross profit margin of 3ppt.

Among them, the annual traffic flow / income of the core road-production Shanghai-Nanjing line exceeds + 5% / 4%, and the gross profit margin drops by 3ppt.

2) Highway supporting: revenue of 1.4 billion US dollars, -19% per year, of which oil sales revenue decreased by 22%, mainly due to gas station construction and other changes in sales volume, but gross profit margin increased by 6ppt, service area rental income increased by 35%.

3) Property: income of 100,000 yuan, net profit1.

500 million, ten years + 40%, profit margin 15%.

Trend 1Q19 performance may be negative growth.

Highway: In January, the traffic volume of road production increased by 37%. The high growth rate was mainly due to ① the increase in passenger traffic in January in the spring of 19, and ② a low base in the southern snowstorm in January 2018; the traffic volume in February is expected to decline significantly;%.
Property: 1Q18 confirmed 7.

400 million income, 杭州夜网论坛 about 1.

200 million net profit.

The 19-year property project has sufficient reserves, and it is expected that the increase in revenue will remain flat, but the timing of revenue recognition is uncertain. Conservative estimates are not confirmed in 1Q. It is expected that non-net profit deducted in 1Q19 can increase by about 3%.

Long-term Wufeng Mountain Bridge may significantly increase the company’s profits.

The Wufeng Mountain Bridge will open to traffic in 2020, and it is expected that the profit and loss will be balanced one year after opening, and the capital is IRR10.


After the bridge is opened, it may drive the traffic flow of Zhendan Highway and other roads, which can also alleviate the congestion in the east of the Nanjing-Shanghai line to a certain extent.

Earnings Forecast As the profitability of the oil product sales and service area may be less than expected, we lower our 2019e earnings forecast by 0.

The 87 yuan is reduced by 4% to 0.

84 yuan (without calibre + 7% YoY); date 2020e profit forecast 0.

89 yuan (+ 6% year-on-year).

The estimates correspond to the proposed current A / H estimates.


9x 2019 P / E ratio, 4.

8% / 4.

8% 2019 dividend yield.

Since 2010, A / H shares have underperformed the market only in 2014, and gradually outperformed the market at 147 / 166ppt in 9 years.

Maintain A / H recommendation level and target price.

49 RMB / 12.

HKD 47, corresponding to December 2019.
1x price-earnings ratio, 15% / 10% space.

The growth of risk traffic flow was lower than expected, and the construction progress of Wufengshan Bridge was lower than expected.

Huayou Cobalt (603799): Cobalt’s performance basically meets expected earnings or improves QoQ

Huayou Cobalt (603799): Cobalt’s performance basically meets expected earnings or improves QoQ

Event summary: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 on August 28, and achieved revenue of 91 in the first half of the year.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 34 in ten years.

21%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

33 trillion, down 97.

81%, net of non-attributed net profit -0.

41 trillion, with a decrease of 102.


At the same time, the company intends to acquire 40% of the equity of Weston held by Huayou Holdings Hong Kong through Huayou International Mining, which holds 90% of Weidabei Energy.

Event comment: The low cobalt price dragged down the performance and the copper business was supported.

In the first half of the year, the company’s output of cobalt products was 12,645 tons, an increase of 17 per year.

79%; sales of 12,829 tons, an increase of 37 in ten years.


However, the average decline in the prices of cobalt and cobalt salts in the first half of the year reached more than 40%, so the gross profit margin of the product decreased, so the average revenue and gross profit swap of the cobalt business, while the company accrued asset impairment losses in the first half of the year.

26 ppm (mainly for inventory impairment).

However, in the first half of the year, the company’s MIKAS copper deposit volume, revenue and gross profit margins increased year by year. Subsequently, the PE527 mining right Lukuni mine with an annual output of 30,000 tons of copper deposit project is expected to be completed and put into production within the year, providing strong support for the company’s subsequent performance.

Penetrate up and down, and control core resources of the new material business of lithium battery.

Up: The company’s acquisition of 40% stake in Weston is mainly to participate in the Indonesian laterite nickel smelting thermal power project, which will promote the company’s 淡水桑拿网 nickel resource development and layout in Indonesia.

Downward: The company acquires Bamo Technology (2.

5 Initial / year drive capacity), cooperating with third-party investors to increase capital in subsidiary Huayou New Energy.

The penetration of the upper and lower industrial chains has improved the company’s new energy industry layout, and the synergy in all aspects has increased.

Cobalt prices are still up, and performance is expected to improve sequentially.

The end of Glencore’s Mutanda mine ceased production. Global cobalt mines experienced a month-on-month decline in production in the first half of the year. Factors such as displacement of multiple cobalt mines caused the supply side of cobalt to contract, shifting from excess to tighter or replacement.

Overseas cobalt prices have risen, but domestic 都市夜网 cobalt prices are still volatile due to the uncertainty of demand, and it is expected that there will be room for subsequent growth.

Investment rating and estimation: According to the profit forecast, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

76, 5.

21, 7.

390,000 yuan, corresponding to PE is 105, 35, 25, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk Warning: Downstream demand is less than expected risk; Cobalt price decline risk; Exchange rate change risk

Foreign countries sold 33 billion or even 380% of big bull stocks in 4 days

Foreign countries sold 33 billion or even 380% of big bull stocks in 4 days

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  so crazy!

Foreign purchase of 33 billion in 4 days!

Large bull stocks that have soared 380% are about to be “buyed” Source: Panoramic Finance original Quan Xiaojing is not afraid of the epidemic, foreign capital is “grabbing” A shares!

  Today (February 6), the three major A-share indexes rose again. The number of growth markets in the two cities exceeded 3,000, the daily limit of 251 stocks ended, the Shanghai Stock Index, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index, and the GEM index increased.

72%, 2.

87%, 3.


  After the sharp fall on February 3, A shares launched the most “hard core” counterattack, and the most “hard core” counterattack. It rose for 3 consecutive days, and the turnover in the past 3 trading days exceeded 870 billion yuan, which is 2019For the first time since April 11,

  Among them, the most eye-catching is that the GEM Index (399006) surged more than 12% in three trading days and closed at 2012 today.

25 points, a new high in the last three years.

  Market sentiment was completely ignited, and a smell of a bull market was heard.

  .......The high-quality assets that have been “slammed” for true silver and silver have added confidence to the A-share market.

  Following the refusal of 18.1 billion yuan of A shares on February 3, today, the capital of Northbound has made a comeback again, with a net purchase of over 10.5 billion yuan.

  Kitakami ‘s funds had a net inflow of 33 billion yuan in four trading days. Today, Kitakami ‘s funds, known as “smart funds,” have once again returned to the A-share market, sweeping the bulk of the money.

  Wind data shows that on February 6, the net inflow of capital to the north exceeded 105.

5.7 billion yuan, of which the Shanghai Stock Connect inflow of 60.

8.3 billion yuan, 44 inflows of Shenzhen Stock Connect.

7.4 billion.

  On the first trading day of the Year of the Mouse, the A-share market suffered a severe setback, and the capital of Beijing Capital went against the severe “bottom” of over 181.

9 trillion yuan, the second largest single-day net purchase amount since the opening of interoperability.

  At the same time, in the past 4 trading days, the accumulated net purchase amount of Kitakami funds exceeded 333.

5.8 billion yuan.

As of now, Kitakami Capital has net purchases of 717 since 2020.

500 million yuan.
  Since the start of interconnection, the net purchase funds have gradually exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 10,652.

2.7 billion.

  Regarding the reasons for the large foreign purchases after the Spring Festival, China Merchants Securities macro analyst Xie Yaxuan (Jin Qilin analyst) pointed out that mainly from three aspects, the A-share market on the first day of the Spring Festival has fully reflected the possibility of the current epidemic situation.Coexistence of overshooting: First, the behavior of foreign countries first reducing their holdings and then increasing their holdings precisely illustrates their concern about accurate pricing of the epidemic.

  Secondly, the declines of the major indexes on the opening of A shares on February 3 exceeded the declines of A50 futures and the Hang Seng China Enterprise Index during the holiday period.

  Third, the stock-to-bond return ratio has exceeded historical extremes.

  In Xie Yaxuan’s view, international investors have played a role as market stabilizers for value investors in the impact of the epidemic.

This incident shows that international investors can reduce at key points and ease the changes in A shares, thereby promoting the role of market stabilizers to a certain extent.

  It is worth mentioning that, at the end of 2019, in the face of A-shares below 3,000 points, foreign countries launched a crazy “bottom-sweeping” mode.

  According to Wind data, from November 14 to December 30, 2019, Kitakami Capital has made a net purchase for 30 consecutive trading days, and the net inflow amount during the period has reached 1136.

US $ 9.6 billion, a record of 18 consecutive trading days of net inflows from January 23 to February 22, 2019.

  In the Ningde era, 2.5 billion people were “buy” by foreign countries. Under the crazy buy-buy model, this time, the capital of the north has been able to get a certain target?

  It is obvious that some of the tourism industry targets that have been impacted and broken are winning the dips and the capital is buying on dips.

On February 5, Shanghai Airport (600009) received a net purchase of 8 from Beijing Capital.2.9 billion yuan.

In addition, China International Travel Service, Baiyun Airport, BTG Hotel and other northbound funds also increased margin slightly.

  Judging from the active stocks this week, Ningde Times (300750) gradually obtained a net purchase of 24 capital from the North.

5.3 billion.

On February 3rd, without fear of the epidemic, the new energy vehicle sector became a different army. Led by the Ningde era, the Jedi fought back and recovered the lost land.

  As recently announced that it has reached a two-year cooperation with Tesla to supply lithium-ion power battery products to it from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022.

  As a global leader in lithium batteries, the first day of the Lunar New Year in the Ningde era staged a reversal plot, which rose sharply.

67%, the next two trading days recorded two consecutive daily limit, just four trading days, the Ningde era has soared more than 30%.

As of today, it was reported at 169.

89 yuan / share, the total market value has reached 3751.

8.5 billion yuan.

  And Gree Electric Appliances, Guizhou Moutai, Yili and other white horse stocks continue to win the favor of the capital.

  Another stock will be included by foreign “buy out”, becoming the first stock group in the United States to be “buy out” in 2020 (000333). Due to related rules, before the shareholding ratio drops below 26%,Can sell its stocks but not buy them, so Midea Group has become the stock with the most net sales, up to 24.

7.1 billion yuan.

  As of February 5, foreign investors still held Midea Group18.

9.7 billion shares, accounting for 27.


  In the recent large-scale foreign exchange purchases, another stock is about to be “buy” by foreign countries.

  According to the Wind data, foreign investors hold Huatest (300012) 4.

500 million shares, the shareholding ratio is as high as 27.

1%, is approaching the 28% pause point.

  According to the regulations of the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, foreign countries should suspend purchase points and compulsory reductions of 26%, 28%, and 30% of the holding points of individual listed companies.

Once it reaches 28%, the Shanghai Stock Connect / Shenzhen Stock Connect is not allowed to accept buying orders until the shareholding ratio drops below 26%.

  Looking back at the changes in foreign ownership of China Test, in the beginning of January 2019, Beijing Capital held only 9 of its shares.

89%. In the following one year, Beishang Fund continued to increase positions. By the end of 2019, the proportion of Beishang Fund holdings had exceeded 23%.

  Driven by ferocious foreign buying, from February 2018 to the present, China Test has successively set new highs, gradually expanding by as much as 380%.

  China Testing has advanced the monthly K-line chart and since 2020, it has continued to grow further, with a year-on-year increase of more than 12%.

  UBS predicts that in 2020, there will be USD 300 billion in foreign exchange inflows into A shares and A shares. It is the general trend to open and open to the outside world, and the probability of foreign exchange inflows will further accelerate into A shares.

  According to the latest forecast from UBS, assuming that the MSCI division factor is not raised in 2020, a large number of mergers injected into the A-share market may reach 300 billion yuan.

  Landlord Ming, head of UBS China ‘s Global Financial Markets Department, believes that when foreign countries participate in China ‘s capital market, there are two important positive and positive effects on China: China ‘s capital market and China ‘s economic growth need to keep up with the world ‘s mostDeveloped financial markets and financial institutions are interconnected. This is a key upper-level policy.

  In the process of China’s continuous economic development, how to promote the growth and increase of the service industry, a very important part 淡水桑拿网 is the growth of the financial industry, which is the most critical for China’s long-term development.

  Meng Lei, a UBS A-share strategy analyst, further stated that in the long-term perspective, referring to international experience, from the perspective of the next 3-5 years or even 10 years, the internationalization and institutionalization of A-shares are gradually taking place.More tend to be rational.

  For the crazy buying of foreign countries, Industrial Securities has also suggested that in this process, the continuous inflow of foreign countries will also mean the loss of core assets.

In fact, we also need to pay attention to the policy-level response in this process.

  In addition, many agencies also believe that the panic in the epidemic will decline or bring the most important timing opportunities in 2020.

  Among them, Monarch Asset Management said 北京夜生活网 that the core logic of the A-share trend growth will not be disturbed by the epidemic in the long run. Therefore, once the epidemic situation is contained, the layout will be opened at that time, and the scale will be estimated.In the future, A shares will remain the most popular target market for global investors.

  Regarding the magnitude of the market shock and the interpretation of the market structure, most institutional investors expect the same, that is, the characteristics of “make up-make up for falling” are very obvious: industries that have fallen during the outbreak period will be compensated in varying degrees in the next month; outbreaksIn the industry that is resistant to decline, there will be varying degrees of make-up in the next month.

Under the big waves, the emotional impact is finally worth.

How to Eliminate Eight Sexual Disorders!

How to Eliminate Eight Sexual Disorders!

Expressions and perceptions To get true sexual satisfaction, both husbands and wives should often exchange their feelings in sexual life and promote mutual understanding, so as to satisfactorily solve the problem of the intensity of sexual desire between husbands and wives, and coordinate each other’s orgasms.Can make sexual life perfect.

  Update the connotation For couples who have been married for many years, sometimes they feel that their sex life is monotonous and dull, and they gradually become bored. This is the taboo of husband and wife life.

At this time, both husband and wife should boldly try to have sex at different times and in different places, in order to enhance the romantic color.

  Imagination Fun Emotional imagination can enhance sexual excitement on both sides.

During sex, husbands can think of their wives as their favorite passionate and bold women, and wives can think of their husbands as their favorite idols. Both parties don’t have to worry about feelings, which can enhance each other’s sexual desire.

But never tell your spouse the secret of your fantasy, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

  Avoiding occasional quarrels between angered husbands and wives does not mean that the relationship between the husband and wife is already very bad, but if you ask for love while your anger is still going on, the result must be to seek out your own troubles, and it is best to stop sexual life temporarily.

Once the conflict subsides, the two sides gain understanding, and then supplement the spouse’s arms, gradually getting the sweetest sexual satisfaction.

  Take the initiative to create some of the couples, sometimes you do not feel sexual desire, but should also be the need of the spouse, without prejudice to actively try, maybe you will also have sexual desire quickly.

  Downplaying failed husbands and wives should work hard to overcome sexual concerns and sexual failures. If sex life is regarded as an enjoyment or an adventure, it is easy for the spouse to reach orgasm, and at the same time, it can reduce the concerns caused by sexual failures.

  Ask an expert. Most couples have temporary sexual life failures, which may be related to the same physical causes (fatigue, infection, acute illness, etc.) and certain mental factors (mental stress, depression, work or family problems).

These phenomena usually disappear within a few weeks. If the problem persists for several months without improvement, you should consult an experienced expert in time to ensure that the sexual life of the couple is improved.

  Facing the reality requires that every sex life is perfect, it is unrealistic. On the contrary, if you can face the reality, that is, sexual life does not succeed every time, and sometimes even completely fails, you must know that you are not a machine.

Condenses sunlight on the skin


Condenses sunlight on the skin

Ireland in Europe is about the same as the Constitution, and its economy began to take off two decades ago.

Today in Dublin, in addition to what we are all familiar with, BMW Street, there is something unfamiliar-Man City is a tanning club.

A strange invention satisfies the tanning requirements of the people in this outbreak city.

The principle of this device sounds similar to an oven: a large box, when a person enters and lays down, he can light up and down all over his body.

This seemingly uncommon thing is now considered an incredible magic at the beginning of the new life.

From tanning to tanning, bronzed skin has become a fashion.

There seems to be a connection between the spread of the trend around the world and the asynchronous development of the global economy. Now the trend is gradually blowing to Shanghai. Although the “oven” is advanced, I wonder if it can change people’s aesthetic tastes at once?

  Race no longer represents the ethnic region. In the past century, the impact of the transformation of visual arts, movies, and television in many aspects has shaken people’s perception of white people.

Race as the outer edge of the visual image must be self-evident.

In the US presidential election of 1960, although candidate Kennedy was less than four years younger than Nixon, he paid attention to visual image and was enthusiastic about sunbathing on the beach. His skin “is always miraculously exposed to sunlight”.

Not only that, he also used brown skin cream to repair a bright and plump complexion, which took the lead in TV pictures and has a great affinity.

Opponent Nixon’s television consultant Rogers was reluctant to take care of Nixon’s make-up, trying not to lose the opponent on the television image.

  After the war, the booming level of advertising and sports industry extended this visual awareness to the scale of size.

The advertisement combines the male image in the film and television works, and makes a big body: beach, sunbathing, sweating sports field, a large area of exposed bronze male body has become the source of sexy fantasies.

No wonder in the past ten years, the advertising industry has continuously attracted sports stars, star players and perfumes, star players and watches, star players and ready-to-wear, and “beauty” has become an important market strategy in a blink of an eye.

  Let the whole nation go crazy. The Germans are probably the people who are most enthusiastic about “beautiful tanning”. Leaving aside the initial “beautiful tanning” machines came from them, but the number of people who open celestial camps in lakes and lakes in Germany every summerIt’s amazing enough, and those German women who love to bask in the bikini in their backyard or just naked naked are more obvious that they regard the crowd as the top priority for beauty.

  The biggest reason Germans are keen on “tanning” is that dark skin can show a person’s identity and strength.

One of the ways to determine whether a German has money is to see if he or she often goes on vacation.

The Germans do n’t like to ask each other, and after a holiday, they ca n’t say “Where and where am I going!”

“How to make people around realize that he’s gone on vacation?

During the vacation, I desperately bask in the sun and go to a sunny and expensive noble resort like Insel.

  At that time, the highest-known resort was Coney Island, New York, which attracted countless photographers to chase sunbathers every year.

Pop painters and neo-figurative painters are also in love here. The image of sunbathers and “beautiful” lovers has covered the canvas of that age.

Performance artists are better, each one does his own thing, and often uses his skin to open and close.

They no longer care about the identity of skin and identity in art works for a long time. The consumer culture and hormonal smell behind the skin seem to be more suitable for their spleen and stomach.

  In the 1970s, Robert Maptthorpe, a famous American photographer, photographed black men.

In his opinion, dark and black races are more suitable for the expression of light and shadow, and have deeper potential in artistic expression.

Since Mapplethorpe, the image of the black model has begun to enter the room. Photographers no longer busy bleaching the models, they gradually replaced the original salon’s humble opinion on skin color.

When it comes to a new generation of photographers such as DavidlaChapelle, the skin-retouching tricks used by older generations such as Avedon and others are useless and full of broad cultural meaning.

  Today’s “beautiful” culture has reached an unprecedented prosperity. You don’t even have to go to the box to bake ultraviolet light, and you can apply “false sun cream” to it.

As long as you are willing, you can try various “tough guy” images.

  ”Black” Cosmetics Almost all of the big-name cosmetics have launched sunscreen tanning series, we can color ourselves in the mirror as we want, so that the skin shines bronze.

The special substances in these sunscreen products can oxidize the amino acids in the stratum corneum of the skin to produce a substance called “brown skin polymer”, thereby achieving a tanning effect.

  Tossing out an exquisite bronze makeup is indeed time-consuming and laborious, and the tanning powder and the matching eye and lip makeup have not been sold in China for the time being.

Tanning gel and spray are ideal choices, easy to use, refreshing and not greasy.

It should be noted that when the tanning product is applied to the entire face, it will only appear natural. It is only necessary to take care of the temples, forehead and cheeks.

The effect of tanning products does not last as long as the skin tone from sun exposure. It will fade with the metabolism of the epidermis, and it needs to be applied every 2 to 4 days.
  Recommended Product: Sisley Plant Tanning

Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your baby

Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your baby

My son is now 10 months. In the last two months, he has always been lying on his stomach when he was sleeping.

Will my child’s sleeping position affect his lungs and heart?

  Generally, it is not recommended for babies under 4 months to sleep on their stomachs, because babies at this stage cannot turn up strongly, so there is a danger of suffocation.

  For babies over 4 months, sleeping on their stomachs is generally not harmful. For healthy children, it will not affect the heart and lungs. I think we can let it go.

And as you said, the habit of the baby’s parents is difficult to correct, and he can’t stare at him all night, so just let him go.

  According to my observation, sleeping on your stomach is only a habit of the baby at some stages. It is not necessary to say that you will sleep on your stomach for many years in the future, so parents need not worry, and then he will naturally return to normal sleeping posture.

Seven solutions for CEO daily management

Seven solutions for CEO daily management

1. Too much work pressure, work with a mask all day; 2. Can’t get authorization and feel alienated; 3, Your promise is not fulfilled, the company is full of political colors;Discrimination; 5. Participation is just a form of walking, each important decision is made by you alone; 6. A large amount of information is hidden, and the true internal voice cannot be heard; 7. The subordinates reflect that you decide the promotion of employees according to their preferences,Too harsh on people.

  I believe your company must be similar to the above.

I will now tell seven short stories, please analyze the reasons for these incorrect working methods.

  What is the work pressure?

  One of my employees recently accompanied scholars from different countries to participate in a senior seminar. She was responsible for video recording, recording, and business work. After a week, she didn’t say a lot of fatigue and often endured the cynicism of customers.

In addition, customers are big overseas bosses, and she has a big gap in comparison.

This puts a lot of stress on her.

On the last day of the seminar, I called her.

I only said three words. The first was greetings, the second asked her to go home and rest, and the third asked her about the completion of another job.

She was in charge of another job, and she had reached the deadline.

I didn’t expect that she complained so much that she couldn’t fill the sky and said too much.

I remained silent at that time, I didn’t listen.

  Afterwards, I wondered why this is not the case, and why is it unusual today?

Because the pressure is too great.

  First, she was under pressure from her customers, and secondly, when I asked about her new job, she was putting pressure on her.

Human patience is always limited, and it erupts on certain occasions.

  From this point of view, if a company does not recognize the emotions of employees or does not show support for employees in a state of intensive work, then the company must change, otherwise, unless the alternatives will accumulate and look for opportunities to explode.
  Looking at some service industries, employees feel tremendous pressure when dealing with relationships with customers.

You go to the restaurant to eat, hoping to drive away those unsmiling waiters and slam food in front of them, but have you ever thought about it? Is it possible for these waiters to keep a good mood all the time?

We need to be tolerant.

In the telemarketing industry, salespeople are required to make customers aware of the smile service from your voice. They wear masks to work every day.

The hotel etiquette lady is required to maintain a charming smile in the face of indecent customers. Is this human management?

  Remember: Tolerance is not weakness. In turn, your tolerance shapes great leadership and a good team.