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[Mixed Mountain Mole]_How to do_How to do

[Mixed Mountain Mole]_How to do_How to do

I do n’t know if you have taken yam in your life. Yam is a vegetable and a traditional Chinese medicine. Yam is especially suitable for cold food when cooking.Otherwise, it will affect the taste of yam. The nutritional value of yam is very high, and it contains a lot of starch. So what to do instead of cold mixed mountain?

Ingredients: Chinese yam vinegar, MSG sesame oil extra raw soy millet spicy practice 1.

Yam peeled 2.

Cut into prismatic pieces.

When cutting (or use cold water and vinegar to prevent oxidation and blackening) 3.

Boil water on the pot, boil the lower yam, and remove the yam 4 when the pot is boiling (bubbling).

Put vinegar, monosodium glutamate, extra-grade soy sauce, increase or decrease according to your personal taste, mix well, place on a plate, and add sesame oil5.

If you do n’t eat spicy food, you can put the millet spicy cold yam. 1 Peel and slice the yam, cut the onion and cut the flower.

2 put on the plate, drizzle with vanilla oil, balsamic vinegar and cold soy sauce, sprinkle with chives.

The story behind the food The cold yam is crispy and sweet, and the taste is worth trying!

Especially for friends with bad spleen and stomach, it is very beneficial.

Tips For friends who can’t eat onions, you can use chopped celery instead.

Ingredients: (main ingredient) yam (Huaishan) amount, (main ingredient) salt amount, (main ingredient) sesame oil amount, (main ingredient) soy sauce step 1.

Huaishan peeled (wearing gloves), washed and sliced 2.

Boil in a boiling water pot 3.

Pick up and drain.

enjoy the cool air.


Add soy sauce, salt, sesame oil, and like to add fresh chicken essence.

Mix well and it will be ok.

[Nurturing men with a good private life is more moisturizing]_ Men

[Nurturing men with a good private life is more “moisturizing”]_ Men

Although the pressure of work and life has increased, people now pay more attention to health and health care.

The phrase “body is the capital of revolution” is well practiced.

Without a good body, everything else will not go well, and sex is no exception.

Therefore, in the daily life of men, do not just be busy with fitness, but also take care of their private parts, so that sex life will be more perfect.

Today, I will introduce to you some of the best ways to maintain your private parts, so that you can live a more nourishing.

Pressing the squeezed glans is a maintenance method when there is no sexual intercourse. The specific method is: the man takes a supine position, and the woman sits in a posture.

The woman put her thumb on the penis glans, and her index and middle fingers on the other side of the penis, just above and below the coronal margin.

Press and squeeze for 4 seconds, then suddenly relax.

Regardless of whether the man feels ejaculation, squeeze every few seconds.

The pinch force is directly proportional to the degree of penile erection.

Fully erect, squeeze hard, without erectile, squeeze with moderate strength.


[How to make lemon tea taste good]_Methods_Homely practices

[How to make lemon tea taste good]_Methods_Homely practices

The tea made by lemon should be recognized by many people, especially for women. Drinking lemon tea can not only fight aging, but also empty the stool.

However, because lemon is rich in vitamin c, if you use lemon to make tea directly, it will make the tea very sour and even difficult to taste.

So if you want to make a good lemon tea, you should read the following article.

What is the best way to drink lemon tea? Lemon tea is a healthy drink that many people like to drink in life. It has a sweet and sour taste, and can add rich vitamins and acidic ingredients to the body, which can whiten the skin., Can also delay the aging of the human body, what should usually be done with lemon tea?

How does it taste delicious?

Honey lemon tea 1, lemon tea is added with the right amount of honey when it is made, which is particularly delicious. The resulting lemon tea has a sweet and sour taste, and it does not stimulate the stomach and the stomach, so that the body can absorb more nutrients, and it can alsoThe beauty effect is more excellent. When preparing, you need to prepare 3 to 4 fresh lemons, wash it and cut into slices.

2. Prepare a clean and sealable glass bottle. Place the sliced lemon slices in the bottle, then pour in the appropriate amount of honey, add a layer of lemon slices, and then add the honey. Finally, put the remainingAdd all the honey to the glass bottle, and seal the mouth of the bottle. Some lemon honey water will appear within 3 to 5 days of pickling. Take out 3 to 4 slices of lemon every day, and then take out a spoonful of lemon honey water.Can do it.

Grapefruit lemon tea 1, grapefruit lemon tea made with lemon and grapefruit together, tastes very good, and has excellent weight loss effects, usually need to be prepared when making, first use half a lemon, half a wolfberry amount, The right amount of honey.

2. After washing the prepared fresh lemons, cut them into flaky grooves. After picking up the Xijiang River, put them in clean glass bottles with the lemon bars. Then remove the peel of the grapefruit, remove the pulp, and put it directlyIn a large glass bottle, pour the right amount of warm water at the end.

3. After the water temperature drops to normal temperature, put the prepared honey into a glass bottle, mix thoroughly with clean chopsticks, and then seal the bottle mouth tightly. Store it in the refrigerator freezer for 1 to 2 hours.Can be directly rejected.

Industrial Fulian (601138) Investment Value Analysis Report-Manufacturing giant leads the wave of industrial interconnection 5G + cloud core benefits target

Industrial Fulian (601138) Investment Value Analysis Report-Manufacturing giant leads the wave of industrial interconnection 5G + cloud core benefits target

The company is a global electronics manufacturing and industrial Internet giant, actively transforming from traditional electronics manufacturing to industrial Internet intelligent manufacturing services, with huge growth potential.

It is expected to fully benefit from the 5G + cloudification trend in the future.

We predict that the company’s EPS for 2019-21 will be 0.



15 yuan, corresponding PE is 18x / 16x / 14x.

Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.

After going through the storms, it has become a global leader in electronics manufacturing.

The company is the world’s largest electronics industry technology manufacturing service provider, and actively explores in the industrial Internet field.

In recent years, the company’s revenue has presented a growing trend. In 2018, the main business products of communication network equipment / cloud service equipment increased by 20 respectively.

82% / 27.


At present, the company has its own industrial cloud, 5 unmanned factories, 10 light-off production lines; intelligent and automated production ranks in the leading position in the industry.

The company is the core beneficiary of 5G and cloudification.

The commercialization of 5G networks in 2019 has driven capital spending in the communications industry and stimulated demand for related equipment products.

According to OVUM’s forecast, through the expansion of the scale of 5G construction, the capital expansion of global operators will return to growth, reaching 203.5 billion US dollars in 2022.

The company’s 5G CPE has achieved mass production migration, 5G universal modules, and 5G small base stations have all received orders from core customers.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s cloud service equipment increased by 15%, and it increased against the trend due to the overall fluctuation of the industry.

We believe that the industry’s prosperity is gradually recovering, and the company’s cloud service equipment business will continue to maintain rapid growth next year.

According to the IDC report, 5G smartphone expansion will account for 8% of total smartphone shipments in 2020.

9%, reaching 1.

23.5 billion units.

The development of 5G will also bring a wave of smartphone replacements, and the company’s mobile phone component business will benefit.

The pioneer of the industrial Internet platform, the integration of software and hardware creates a new industry ecology.

According to estimates by experts from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the size of the domestic industrial Internet in 2018 is about 5,313 trillion, and it will reach one trillion in 2023.

Foxconn’s accumulated technology and experience for many years has changed the pattern of advanced manufacturing in the world. The transformation of the Industrial Internet is the inevitable development of Foxconn for 30 years.

Foxconn has used the “fog cerebellum + Foxconn industrial cloud platform + professional cloud” to create an industrial Internet platform with all elements, the entire industry chain and the entire value chain.

We are optimistic that in the next five to ten years, Foxconn Group will successfully transition to the ecological model of “smart manufacturing + industrial Internet 杭州桑拿 platform”.

Risk factors: market fluctuation risk of downstream products; exchange rate fluctuation risk; associated transaction risk.

Investment suggestion: As a leading company in the electronics manufacturing industry, the company responds to technological development trends, actively transforms itself into an industrial Internet company, and gradually starts a new business growth engine. We predict that the company’s EPS in 2019-21 will be 0.



15 yuan, corresponding to a forecast of 178 net profit in 2019-21.



98 million, corresponding to 18x / 16x / 14x PE in 2019-21.

Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.

Zhaoyan New Drug (603127) Annual Report Tracking: New Capacity with Performance Growth in Accordance with Expectations, Successive Release of Industrial Chain Expansion

Zhaoyan New Drug (603127) Annual Report Tracking: New Capacity with Performance Growth in Accordance with Expectations, Successive Release of Industrial Chain Expansion


Event: The company released its 2018 annual report.

Realized revenue in 20184.

09 million yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

69%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

08 million yuan, an increase of 41 in ten years.

72%; net non-return to mother’s net profit was 9029.

420,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.

92%; EPS 0 achieved.

94 yuan.

10 pie 3 turns 4.

Among them, the fourth quarter of 2018 achieved revenue1.

65 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

50%; net profit attributable to mother is 5111.

580,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

33%; 4685 net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers was realized.

410,000 yuan, an increase of 25 in ten years.

14%; EPS 0 achieved.

44 yuan.

In terms of expenses, sales expenses were 662.

620,000 yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.

17%; management costs 7678.

280,000 yuan, an increase of 48 in ten years.

09%; financial expenses -330.

370,000 yuan, a decrease of 250 per year.

66%, mainly due to the increase in deposit interest rates and the impact of exchange losses.

R & D expenses are 2368.

950,000 yuan, a decrease of 7 per year.

38%; net operating cash flow1.

76 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.

25%, mainly due to increased business receipts; accounts receivable 4479.

730,000 yuan, an annual increase of 52.

30%; investment income 865.

540,000 yuan, an annual increase of 365.



Our Analysis and Judgment (I) The company is operating well, the core business is growing rapidly, the preclinical research business is growing rapidly, and the experimental animal sales business has improved.

Realized revenue in 20184.0.9 million yuan (+35.

69%), net profit attributable to mother 1.

08 thousand yuan (+41.

72%), deducting non-attributed net profit of 9029.

420,000 yuan (+36.


In terms of business segments, pre-clinical research achieved revenue4.

3.0 billion (+37.

97%), accounting for 98% of total income.

46% (+1.


The gross profit margin is 53.

48%, a decrease of 3 per year.

At 24pp, the company initially added 145 new employees to the company in 18 years, increasing labor costs; the cost of replacing externally purchased raw materials increased.

Experimental animal sales income 487.

210,000 yuan (-45.

92%), gross margin of 27.

84% (-21.

40pp). The increase in revenue and gross profit margin was due to the decrease in Shutaishen’s purchase volume compared to the previous year. The decline in gross profit margin was due to the company’s initiative to optimize the quality of existing experimental animals.

Pharmacovigilance business has contributed revenue for 18 years (15.

770,000 yuan), this segment is still at an early stage, and the gradual development of the transformation of the drug alert industry in the future is expected to further contribute to the increase in performance.

The expense ratio decreased during the period, and the operating cash flow was in good condition.

Expense rate during the year 25.

39% (-1.

91pp), selling expense ratio 1.

62% (-0.

29pp), management expense ratio (based on comparable caliber, R & D expenses included in management expenses) 24.

58% (-1.

12pp), financial expense ratio -0.

81% (-0.


In terms of segmentation, selling expenses were 662.

620,000 yuan, an increase of 15 in ten years.

17%; management costs 7678.

280,000 yuan, an increase of 48 in ten years.

09%; financial expenses -330.

370,000 yuan, a decrease of 250 per year.

66%, mainly due to the increase in deposit interest rates and the impact of exchange losses.

In terms of cash flow, net operating cash flow in 20181.

76 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.25%, which is higher than the net profit of the mother, and the operating cash flow is good.

In addition, R & D expenses were 2368.

950,000 yuan (-7.

38%) and investment income of 865.

540,000 yuan (+365.


Suzhou Zhaoyan also performed well.

Subsidiary Suzhou Zhaoyan is one of the company’s main production and operation entities and one of the largest drug safety evaluation agencies in China.

In 2018, Suzhou Zhaoyan achieved revenue2.

51 ppm, an increase of 35 in ten years.

20%, net profit is 8149.

460,000 yuan, an annual increase of 28.


(2) Continuously expanding production capacity, actively digesting orders in hand, and ensuring sustained growth in performance. The company is the leader in domestic preclinical safety evaluation. We believe that the factors that ensure the continued growth of its performance include three aspects: (1) staff building;) Further expansion of production capacity; (3) Excess orders in hand.

(1) Construction of personnel team The company strengthened the construction of personnel team, and the staff size increased steadily.

In 2018, the company added 145 employees and the total number of employees reached 817, of which 582 were technical personnel (410 technical personnel in 2017), accounting for 71.

twenty three%.

The company continuously strengthens the construction of its personnel team to provide a strong guarantee for the smooth development of business.

(2) Further expansion of production capacity in Suzhou Taicang, Suzhou Taicang Base completed nearly 1 in 18 years.

40,000 square meters of animal room decoration, of which 3,000 square meters is a non-human primate quarantine building, has been put into use in July 18, the other nearly 1.

10,000 square meters is a laboratory animal transplant facility, which is expected to be put into use in April 1919.

It plans to install and modify a laboratory of about 4,000 square meters in 19 years.

In Beijing, Beijing Zhaoyan completed the renovation of the small animal room on the first floor of Building No. 2 in 18 years, adding 750 square meters of barrier facilities. It is expected to be put into use in May 19th.

In Wuzhou, Guangxi, 565 acres of non-human primate breeding bases are planned to be added for the construction of comprehensive1.

A primate facility with a capacity of 50,000 newborns has completed preliminary site planning and design for 18 years.

Overseas, the wholly-owned subsidiary Zhao Yan added 30 million US dollars to California and was responsible for liaison with international affairs and international promotion. At the same time, San Francisco’s existing 6000 square meters production capacity was promoted and used to help expand overseas business.

(3) Sufficient orders in hand The company has excess orders in hand, and its subsequent performance is guaranteed.

As of the end of the reporting period, the company had approximately 8 billion orders on hand, an increase of approximately 19 compared with the same period last year.

4%, sufficient orders in hand provided effective guarantee for the company’s future operating performance.

In addition, the contract amount for one year in 2018 increased by about 22% compared with last year, maintaining a steady growth. The number of completed topics and the number of topics in research increased significantly compared to last year.

(3) The industrial chain extension is steadily advancing. Early clinical + pharmacovigilance is expected to bring new performance growth. The company is actively expanding its business areas and the industrial chain extension is steadily advancing. We believe that early clinical and pharmacovigilance is expected to bring new performance growth.

In terms of early clinical trial business, the company established a subsidiary, Zhaoyan Pharmaceutical, to focus on the development of early clinical trial business.

The main tasks completed by the company in 2018 include (1) co-establishing an early drug clinical center with a merged hospital; (2) signing a strategic cooperation agreement with a merged GCP clinical trial center; and (3) establishing contact networks with dozens of hospitals.

In 2019, the company’s three dimensions continued to advance the early clinical trial business.

(1) Construction of clinical trial base, completion of Taicang and Tonghua contracted base construction.

(2) Clinical CRO team and capacity building, focusing on early clinical field, 19H1 completed team expansion and capacity building, completed the project internally, and initially established the ability to undertake international projects.

(3) Clinical biological sample analysis center, completed the construction of Taicang laboratory, and undertaken internal and external projects in 19 years.

In terms of pharmacovigilance business, the company established Zhao Yanming, a subsidiary company, to provide professional pharmacovigilance technical services for drug R & D, drug manufacturing enterprises and market authorization holders.

In 18 years, Zhao Yanming has independently developed iPVMAP, a pharmacovigilance management platform, and has established cooperative relationships with enterprises of different sizes, including central enterprises, joint ventures, research and development enterprises, listed companies, etc., which have responded well and have started to contribute revenue.

The gradual development of the pharmacovigilance industry in the future, this sector is expected to bring greater performance increase. 3.

Investment recommendation The company’s 2018 annual report performance is in line with expectations, and we are 杭州桑拿网 optimistic that its performance will maintain long-term growth.

The company is an absolute leader in the field of pre-clinical safety evaluation of domestic pharmaceutical outsourcing, and is the only professional pre-clinical CRO company in China with two GLP institutions.

Continuous improvement, the company has continuously strengthened the construction of personnel team, facilities and equipment and business capacity building, continuously expanded production capacity, actively digested a large number of orders in hand to ensure performance growth.

At the same time, the company actively expands its business areas and enhances its overall competitiveness. Early clinical + pharmacovigilance attempts to bring new performance increases.

In addition, the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry is highly prosperous and the market 西安耍耍网 demand is constantly expanding.

We are optimistic that the company will maintain a rapid growth as a leader in pre-clinical safety assessment expansion. It is predicted that the net profit attributable to mothers will be 1 in 2018-2020.



990,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.



60 yuan, corresponding to PE is 48/34/25 times.


Risks prompt increased competition in the industry; risk of loss of core technical staff; capacity expansion is less than expected.

Linglong Tire (601966): Q3 net profit was +35 for ten years.

8% performance continues to be strong

Linglong Tire (601966): Q3 net profit was +35 for ten years.

8% performance continues to be strong

Event: The company released three quarterly reports for 19 years, and Q3 achieved operating income of 41.

99 billion (+10.

4%), net profit attributable to mother 4.

89 billion (+35.

8%), the cumulative operating income in the first three quarters of 2019 was 125.

0.9 billion (+13.

3%), and gradually return to the net profit of the mother12.

14 billion (+37.


Benefiting 四川耍耍网 from the adverse growth in sales, the decline in raw material costs, and the increase in gross profit margin, the company’s third-quarter performance was still outstanding, and Q3 net profit reached a record high.

Taking into account the hot sales of the company’s products in the retail market, the new major supporting model of the supporting market, Jetta, is selling well, and the Jingmen plant is expected to start production in the fourth quarter.

8.1 billion, EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-20 years.



87 yuan.

Comments: 1. Tire sales continued to be strong, and the average sales price caused by the product sales structure was a slight margin.

Revenue: Hot sales in the retail market combined with heavy supporting market volume, tire sales continued to be strong.

The company achieved gradual 南京夜生活网 operating income of 125 in the first three quarters of 2019.

0.9 billion (+13.


Among them, the third quarter realized operating income of 41.

99 billion (+10.


The company continued to actively explore the market and improve product quality. The tire products continued to sell well, with revenue growth in the third quarter, a slight shift from the previous month (product structure adjustment).

From the perspective of production and sales, the tire output of the company in 19Q3 was 1574.

220,000 pieces, sold 1470.

500,000, sales increase by 10 every year.


The cumulative sales volume of Q1-Q3 tire products in 1919 was 4,288.


Affected by continuous fluctuations in the downstream new car market, tire demand is still under pressure.

In the high-level environment of the industry, the company’s product sales continued to increase in the third quarter, continuing the strong trend in the first half of the year.

In terms of supporting markets, the company has quickly penetrated into Ford, Volkswagen, Geely and other well-known domestic and foreign OEMs ‘main tire spare parts supporting businesses by using product performance enhancements and price advantages. New businesses have been developed to replace large internal supporting markets.

Among them, the company ‘s new supporting models, Jetta VS5 and VA3, have average sales of over 10,000 yuan per month, and are expected to continue to climb in the future.

In terms of replacement market, the average sales volume of overseas retail market and domestic retail market increased in the third quarter.
From the perspective of product ASP, the average unit price of 19Q1-Q3 tires was 294.
06 yuan.

Among them, the average unit price of 19Q1 products was 289.

59 yuan, the average unit price in Q2 of 19 was 310.

57 yuan (+7 from the ring.

24%), the average unit price of 19Q3 products was 282.

8 yuan (cyclically -8.

94%, -0 per year.


The initial decline in the average product price in the third quarter was due to changes in the product sales structure. The increase in the proportion of passenger car tires led to a decline in the average product price.The decline, the company’s gross profit margin rose in the third quarter.

Profit side: 19Q3 the company achieved net profit attributable to the mother4.

89 billion (+35.

8%), Q1-Q3 in 19 gradually return the net profit of the mother12.

14 billion (+37.


Among them, the third quarter net profit hit a record high.

The growth rate of net profit is higher than the growth of income mainly from the increase in gross profit margin.

In the third quarter, the company’s five main raw materials, including natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, steel cord, and cord fabrics, declined overall7.


At the same time, the proportion of semi-steel radial tires with higher gross profit margins increased.

Three rates and cash flow: 19Q3 company expenses 14.

50%, MoM 19Q2 (14.

36%) were basically flat, compared to the same period (11 in 18Q3).


The company’s cash flow situation is stable, and the company’s operating net cash flow from 19Q1-Q3 increased by 6 compared with the same period.

20%, of which net cash improved in the third quarter.

2. Medium- and long-term logic: The domestic market for supporting markets has accelerated, and the domestic passenger car tire market has long been upgraded to replace the market share and brand premium.

Linglong tires are more than 40 years old, and they have continuously accumulated technology and capital during the export bonus period of the industry. At present, their production processes and product performance have reached the standards of most well-known vehicle manufacturers.

Coinciding with the maturity of the auto market, the pressure on the profitability of vehicle companies has become prominent. The company continues to expand its supporting market share by virtue of its high-quality performance and price advantages.

Tires are automotive parts with consumer attributes and have a trillion-scale market size.

The industry comprehensively covers the supporting market and further expands the extensive replacement market generated by the demand for tire replacement.

In the replacement market, because consumers have a low awareness of tire products, their consumption behavior is affected by brand power, which results in a significant difference in the brand premium of tire products.

In the medium and long term, the company’s penetration into the supporting market, especially the main tire supporting business, is conducive to strengthening its brand power.

“Original endorsement” + word-of-mouth effect of high-quality products + brand awareness throughout the year, helps to increase the brand premium of Linglong Tire in the alternative market.

Global replacement market demand is stable, and China’s replacement market still has high room for growth.

In the future, the increase in the company’s brand premium will increase the demand for combined products, which is expected to open up its long-term growth space.

3. The “5 + 3” strategy protects the international layout. The company actively implements the “5 + 3” strategy, that is, 5 domestic production bases and 3 foreign production bases.

In China, the company has invested in four production bases in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, Dezhou in Shandong, Liuzhou in Guangxi and Jingmen in Hubei. Overseas, the company built its first overseas production base in Chonburi, Thailand in 2012.In June, Serbia Europe was selected as the location for the second factory, and the groundbreaking ceremony was held in March 2019. It is planned to build a third overseas factory in the Americas in the future.

The “5 + 3” strategy not only helps the company to circumvent international trade barriers, but also enhances the company’s layout and mobility to digest orders, and escorts the company’s international layout.

At present, the strategic layout has achieved significant results: Linglong Thailand’s orders in the first half of the year “finance seeking”, 19H1 achieved operating income22.
6.4 billion yuan, net profit4.
7.7 billion, with a net profit rate of 21%.

In the future, the Serbian factory is expected to replicate the profit model of the Thai factory and radiate European customers. After the production is reached, it can achieve a production capacity of 12 million semi-steel radial tires, 1.6 million full-steel radial tires, and 20,000 engineering tires and agricultural radial tires.

Profit forecast: In the fourth quarter, the Jingmen project will be put into operation with overlapping Jetta and other supporting models. The Serbian project is expected to start production next year, and the EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-20.



87 yuan.
Risk reminders: short-term fluctuations in the prices of rubber and other raw materials cause costs to be irreplaceable; international trade frictions intensify; replacement of the auto market caused by the replacement of the supporting market

Lift the mystery of sleep mask


Lift the mystery of sleep mask

Back home after a busy day, too late to sleep and maintenance?

Don’t be afraid to fall asleep after applying a mask, but you can sleep more and more tender?

With this ability, only the sleep mask!

It has the absorptive power of the mask and the thickness of the cream.

This lazy dreamy product is most suitable for sleeping in the spring when the spring sleeps, and becoming beautiful every day!

  Use the Step by Step sleep mask in the field!

  Step 1, follow the usual maintenance sequence, and rub the care products on the rubbing; STEP 2, after rubbing the care products, warm the entire face with the palm to help absorption; STEP 3, avoid the eye area, gently apply Good Night MaskBy the way, lift the skin up, and the neck can also be put on; Step 4, wash the mask with warm water the next morning.

Sebum secretion is strong at night, it is best to clean again with facial cleanser.

  Uncovering the beauty veil-the mysterious veil of the sleeping mask Mystery veil 1: Can the sleeping mask be applied only at night?

Can I apply it every day?

  A: Apply every day. Afternoon compress is also OK. Sleeping mask with the golden repair power of sleep is the driving force for the skin to sleep more beautiful.

Of course, the skill is not limited to the night, but can also be done during the day, and you can apply a thick layer after taking a nap when you don’t wear makeup.

Applying Good Night Mask is no problem every day, but in order to make the skin self-repairing, it is best to use it 2-3 times a week.

  Mystery Veil 2: Is the sleep mask easy to align the sheets and pillows?

  A: Do not use too much. Waiting for a little to dry before going to sleep. The excessive use of the sleeping mask may indeed make the pillow cover less effective. Secondly, the pillow cover may also breed bacteria and leave the face in acnes.crisis.

The big beauty with a small face uses the size of a cherry, and the person with a larger face uses a strawberry-sized amount. After applying, wait until it is slightly dry (about 5-10 minutes) before falling asleep to prevent it from getting everywhere.
  CHINFIE Qing Fei Soft White Soothing Leave-in Mask ¥ 148.

00 / 110g Lightweight and soothing whitening leave-in mask contains all natural arbutin, inhibits melanin production, and reduces skin darkening caused by factors such as sun exposure.

Gentle, translucent cream-type gel with a soft texture that is not sticky after use. It can go to sleep directly after application without washing, and replenishes water without interruption during sleep. Wake up the next day to refresh your facial skin.

To relieve stress on the face and restore vitality to the skin.
An energizing slow-release formula designed to relieve stress on the facial skin, providing deep moisture and whitening treatment to tired cells.

  Netizens’ experience: a very easy-to-use disposable cleansing mask that is not sticky at all. It has no problem sleeping when applied, and it has a cool feeling on the face. Of course, this non-sticky also means that you cannot be the same as applying other masksIt is very, very thick.

Leave-on mask is also easy to use.

I basically used it as a night cream. After washing my face the next morning, my mood will be high, I recommend it!

  Recommended reason: refreshing, moisturizing, natural whitening, maternity sleeping beauty disposable crystal mask ¥ 59.

00 / 60g natural effective moisturizing ingredients, provide deep moisture and whitening repair for tired and dry skin, provide nourishment and form a water-locking protective film on the night when cell regeneration is most active and absorption rate is the best.

After washing my face the next day, I still felt excessive moisture and full of vitality.

  Netizens’ experience: The two days of Kung Fu immediately took effect, the effect is very good, the ends are really dry, the oil in the t zone is not very oily, when I use the mask the next morning I feel it on the bodyIt’s tender.

  Recommended reason: moisturizing and nourishing, cost-effective

Daren reveals skin care methods that are harmful to the skin_1

Daren reveals skincare methods that are harmful to the skin

Most skin care programs are not good for human skin, but are harmful.

So this kind of woman uses a lot of cosmetics and skin care products in the bladder. In the end, his skin is not as good as his husband or colleagues who do not use skin care products. Why is that? Listen to me.


Most men’s skin is better than women’s: because men do not pay attention to skin care, do not do beauty, thick stratum corneum, and skin is not easily damaged.

  Conclusion: Don’t peel dead skin.


The skin on your body is better than yours: the clothes you wear are not exposed to sunlight and are not damaged by UV rays.

  Conclusion: Don’t let the sun shine on the face, you can apply sunscreen.


The skin in perennial wet places is better than that in perennial dry places: Chengdu, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Harbin and other places have good skin, and Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang have poor skin. These places have much different air humidity.

  Conclusion: The more humid the air, the better the skin (humidity!



People who eat meat have better skin than those who are vegetarian; those who are completely vegetarian have large pores, thin skin, easy wrinkles and acne.

  Conclusion: It is good to eat meat appropriately.


People who eat fish have better skin than people who eat meat: At this weight, people on the coast have better skin than those on the inland. In Asia, the skin of the Japanese is definitely the best.

  Conclusion: Eat more fish, precipitation conditioning is important for skin beauty.


Young people have better skin than older people: As you age, your skin ages naturally. This is the number one priority for skin aging.

  Summary: It’s nice to be young.


Skin with skin care products is not as good as skin without skin care products: Many people do not use skin care products for a lifetime, the stratum corneum is protected, sebum is not washed away, the skin is protected, and the skin is better.

  Summary: Most skin care products and methods are harmful to the skin.

  I don’t want to compete with the world’s famous cosmetics companies. This article is dedicated to my favorite women, because I love you, I hope you are more beautiful.

  There are several issues that must be clarified: 1.

Skin care products that claim to contain amino acids and proteins should not be used-because amino acids are putrefactive, so all preservatives are used-can itself cause cancer.

Amino acids are rarely absorbed by the skin.


Do not use cosmetics that contain vitamins. Vitamin c and vitamin e, which are good for the skin, are easily oxidized. They cannot exist in skin care products for a long time.


Shampoos that claim to make hair black ca n’t be used. White hair is best treated with a doctor. The reason is the same as 1,2.

  Listen to me: 1.

Wash your face in cold water daily without face wash unless you remove makeup.

  2. If the skin is dry, use some animal oil to coat it.

  3. Do not use dead skin cream unless needed for treatment.

  4, go out with a duck hat, it is best to use an umbrella on sunny days.

  5. Eat fresh food and drink plenty of water.
  6. Try not to put on makeup.

Ten medicinal diets to prevent cholecystitis

Ten medicinal diets to prevent cholecystitis

First, the stewed tofu ingredients of bougainvillea: 60 grams of fresh bougainvillea, 120 grams of tofu.

  Production: Wash the bougainvillea, add it to the pot with the tofu, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until cooked through.

  How to eat: Eat tofu and soup, eat with meals.

  Function: clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and eliminating stasis; used for acute cholecystitis.

  Second, the raw materials for the lean meat stewed with money and silver flower: 80 grams of money grass (200 grams of fresh products), 60 grams of honeysuckle (150 grams of fresh products), 1,000 grams of lean pork, 2 spoons of rice wine.

  Production: Money grass, honeysuckle after washing, bandaged with cloth; wash lean meat, cut into pieces, add water to the pot for immersion, boil over high heat, add rice wine, stew over low heat for 2 hours, take medicine pack,Squeeze out.

  How to eat: Eat meat and soup, 1 small bowl each time, 2 times a day; each time, boil and serve in 3 days.

  Function: clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating stones; used for gallbladder and cholangitis, and preventing gallstones.

  Third, tomato scrambled eggs ingredients: 250 grams of tomatoes, 3 eggs, salt, MSG, vegetable oil each amount.

  Production: Wash the tomatoes, peel them, and cut into small pieces. Remove the eggs from the shells and mix them into a paste. When the oil in the pan heats up, pour in the egg paste and scatter with a spoon. Then add the tomato pieces, salt, and MSG, Stir fry and serve.

  How to eat: eat with meals, appetizers and digestion, for acute and chronic cholecystitis; tomatoes are rich in nutrients, contain protein, vitamins, various trace elements, etc., taste delicious, sweet and sour, everyone likes to eat;It can also promote the secretion and elimination of bile.

  Fourth, sweet and sour radish production: Wash the radish, remove both ends, and cut into small pieces of 3 cm long; remove the garlic roots, wash, cut into 3 cm long pieces; take the pan to heat, cook in the oil, putStir fry in radish for a while, add garlic, water, sugar, sour vinegar, cover with simmer until cooked; then use wet starch to simmer, add sesame oil, and serve.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.

  Function: Shun Qi digestion, Lidan detoxification.

It is used for cholecystitis, dysmenorrhea, dysphagia, etc .; folks have the proverb “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without prescribing by doctors”; radish is rich in vitamin C, which mustard oil and enzymesCan promote bile secretion and gastrointestinal motility and help digestion.

  5. Mushroom mixed with Artemisia: Wash the Artemisia, wash it in boiling water, remove and drain, chop into fines; soak the mushrooms in water, wash, and cut into fine dices; wait until the vegetable oil is heated to 70% heat, Add a few stir-fried artemisia vegetables, then pour in the mushrooms and stir-fry until cooked, add salt, and MSG seasoning.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: diuretic and diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive, used for cholecystitis and hepatitis; Artemisia oleracea contains a variety of amino acids, impurities, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, etc .; has obvious diuretic and antihypertensive, promotes bile secretion, and strengthens prothrombineffect.

  6. Mushroom Tremella Tofu Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh mushrooms, 20 grams of Tremella, 2 pieces of tofu (500 grams), and appropriate amount of condiments.

  Production: Wash the mushrooms, soak the white fungus with water, wash the tofu and cut into small pieces; when the oil is hot, add the tofu pieces to fry until yellow, add in water, then add the mushrooms and white fungus, slowly with low heatStew until cooked, add salt, and MSG seasoning.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: Qingre Lidan, Yiqi Buzhong; used for cholecystitis with weak liver and spleen function.

  Seven, medicinal vinegar egg raw materials: vinegar 1 000 grams, turmeric, woody incense, sage 30 grams each, astragalus, chicken inner gold 60 grams each, 15 fresh eggs.

  Production: The above raw materials are sealed in glass bottles or porcelain jars for half a month.

  How to eat: Cook 1 egg per day for 15 days as a course of treatment.

  Function: Lithiasis; used for gallstone disease.

  Eight, raw materials of pig pancreas pot: 2 pig pancreas, 1 sea cucumber, 2 fresh eggs, 10 g of mangosteen.

  Production: Pig guide, sea cucumber clean up, put in the pot together with the mandrill, add water to cook together, then break the eggs into the pot and cook into poached eggs, add seasoning to serve.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: Yangyinshengjin; used for gallstone disease with diabetes.

  Nine, yam stewed soft-shelled turtle raw materials: 30 grams of fresh yam, 20 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of shellfish beads, 500 grams of turtles, 30 grams of white lotus root, soy sauce, salt, MSG each amount.

  Production: Wash the yam; wash the white scallion, slice; cut the intestines with the soft-shelled turtle, put it in the pot with the yam, longan meat, and artillery beads, add water and simmer until cooked, and then simmer in the white and seasoning for 3 minutes.
  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: stasis and softness; used for gallstone disease with cholestatic hepatitis.

  Ten, walnut meat fried chicken raw materials: 500 grams of chicken breasts, 150 grams of walnuts, 3 eggs, all kinds of spices.

  Production: Wash the chicken breasts with warm water, remove the tendons, peel the skin with a flower knife, cut into oblique triangle pieces, put in a bowl, add onion, ginger juice, rice wine, refined salt, mix well; then add in egg whitesPoached rice flour, turn into egg paste, mix into the chicken nugget bowl and mix and sizing; first put the walnut meat into the warm pot, fry it and remove it; then take a small bowl into the chicken soup, rice wine, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate,Pork powder, turn into a marinade for use; take another hot pot, when the vegetable oil is burned to five maturity, put the chicken pieces with good starch, spread with a spoon until cooked, then pour out; then pour in the marinade,When the juice is thick, add chicken, turn it a few times, add walnuts and stir well.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and removing stones.It is used for nutritional supplement and nourishment of cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. Walnut meat contains propionate, which can prevent the combination of glycoprotein and calcium ions, unbound bilirubin, and can dissolve, resolve and excrete stones. Walnut also containsProtein, trace, sugar, multivitamins, minerals and other nutrients are used for cooking and flavoring, sweet and delicious, with good color and taste, and have a good nourishing effect.

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

The first kind of good friends: spurs we all need the kind of people who push us forward.

If you qualify for promotion and aren’t sure, she will say, “That job is perfect for you.

Now we should hang up and you have something to do now.

Call me when you’re done!

“Good friend type two: A good consultant can ask her for help when you have a big problem-if life is happy, what is the secret of success-and she can always give you an appropriate answer.

  Good friend type three: a younger friend who is an intern in the office or an immigrant who has moved from another city to your next door.

Make sure she deserves your support, and then support her.

  Good friend fourth: not the mother’s mother, she can be your good, older neighbor, she will give you soup when you are sick; she may also be your friend’s mother, she often invites you on holidayshave dinner.

Everyone has a need for someone’s pampering.

  Good friend fifth: Translator male friends know more about men’s thoughts, and he will give you wise advice. Having such friends is not harmful to you.

He can tell you exactly what he means when your boyfriend says “I need my own space” (find a new boyfriend!

) The sixth best friend: When you need to decompress, she will pull you to sing karaoke or tell you a little joke about her life, making you laugh straight.

  Good friend seventh: someone who cares about you. She looks at you like a moment and takes care of your sister.

When you think someone is bad for you, she is sincere, and she was the first person you called when an emergency happened at three in the morning.