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Condenses sunlight on the skin


Condenses sunlight on the skin

Ireland in Europe is about the same as the Constitution, and its economy began to take off two decades ago.

Today in Dublin, in addition to what we are all familiar with, BMW Street, there is something unfamiliar-Man City is a tanning club.

A strange invention satisfies the tanning requirements of the people in this outbreak city.

The principle of this device sounds similar to an oven: a large box, when a person enters and lays down, he can light up and down all over his body.

This seemingly uncommon thing is now considered an incredible magic at the beginning of the new life.

From tanning to tanning, bronzed skin has become a fashion.

There seems to be a connection between the spread of the trend around the world and the asynchronous development of the global economy. Now the trend is gradually blowing to Shanghai. Although the “oven” is advanced, I wonder if it can change people’s aesthetic tastes at once?

  Race no longer represents the ethnic region. In the past century, the impact of the transformation of visual arts, movies, and television in many aspects has shaken people’s perception of white people.

Race as the outer edge of the visual image must be self-evident.

In the US presidential election of 1960, although candidate Kennedy was less than four years younger than Nixon, he paid attention to visual image and was enthusiastic about sunbathing on the beach. His skin “is always miraculously exposed to sunlight”.

Not only that, he also used brown skin cream to repair a bright and plump complexion, which took the lead in TV pictures and has a great affinity.

Opponent Nixon’s television consultant Rogers was reluctant to take care of Nixon’s make-up, trying not to lose the opponent on the television image.

  After the war, the booming level of advertising and sports industry extended this visual awareness to the scale of size.

The advertisement combines the male image in the film and television works, and makes a big body: beach, sunbathing, sweating sports field, a large area of exposed bronze male body has become the source of sexy fantasies.

No wonder in the past ten years, the advertising industry has continuously attracted sports stars, star players and perfumes, star players and watches, star players and ready-to-wear, and “beauty” has become an important market strategy in a blink of an eye.

  Let the whole nation go crazy. The Germans are probably the people who are most enthusiastic about “beautiful tanning”. Leaving aside the initial “beautiful tanning” machines came from them, but the number of people who open celestial camps in lakes and lakes in Germany every summerIt’s amazing enough, and those German women who love to bask in the bikini in their backyard or just naked naked are more obvious that they regard the crowd as the top priority for beauty.

  The biggest reason Germans are keen on “tanning” is that dark skin can show a person’s identity and strength.

One of the ways to determine whether a German has money is to see if he or she often goes on vacation.

The Germans do n’t like to ask each other, and after a holiday, they ca n’t say “Where and where am I going!”

“How to make people around realize that he’s gone on vacation?

During the vacation, I desperately bask in the sun and go to a sunny and expensive noble resort like Insel.

  At that time, the highest-known resort was Coney Island, New York, which attracted countless photographers to chase sunbathers every year.

Pop painters and neo-figurative painters are also in love here. The image of sunbathers and “beautiful” lovers has covered the canvas of that age.

Performance artists are better, each one does his own thing, and often uses his skin to open and close.

They no longer care about the identity of skin and identity in art works for a long time. The consumer culture and hormonal smell behind the skin seem to be more suitable for their spleen and stomach.

  In the 1970s, Robert Maptthorpe, a famous American photographer, photographed black men.

In his opinion, dark and black races are more suitable for the expression of light and shadow, and have deeper potential in artistic expression.

Since Mapplethorpe, the image of the black model has begun to enter the room. Photographers no longer busy bleaching the models, they gradually replaced the original salon’s humble opinion on skin color.

When it comes to a new generation of photographers such as DavidlaChapelle, the skin-retouching tricks used by older generations such as Avedon and others are useless and full of broad cultural meaning.

  Today’s “beautiful” culture has reached an unprecedented prosperity. You don’t even have to go to the box to bake ultraviolet light, and you can apply “false sun cream” to it.

As long as you are willing, you can try various “tough guy” images.

  ”Black” Cosmetics Almost all of the big-name cosmetics have launched sunscreen tanning series, we can color ourselves in the mirror as we want, so that the skin shines bronze.

The special substances in these sunscreen products can oxidize the amino acids in the stratum corneum of the skin to produce a substance called “brown skin polymer”, thereby achieving a tanning effect.

  Tossing out an exquisite bronze makeup is indeed time-consuming and laborious, and the tanning powder and the matching eye and lip makeup have not been sold in China for the time being.

Tanning gel and spray are ideal choices, easy to use, refreshing and not greasy.

It should be noted that when the tanning product is applied to the entire face, it will only appear natural. It is only necessary to take care of the temples, forehead and cheeks.

The effect of tanning products does not last as long as the skin tone from sun exposure. It will fade with the metabolism of the epidermis, and it needs to be applied every 2 to 4 days.
  Recommended Product: Sisley Plant Tanning

Five ways psychotherapy can relieve pain

Five ways psychotherapy can relieve pain

First, when breathing pain feels, take a breath, then exhale slowly, and then slowly inhale, and your eyes are closed during breathing. Imagine that fresh air slowly enters the lungs, and at the same time, count one or two silently in your heart., Three, four.

  Second, the method of self-suggestion When you feel unbearable pain (surgery acute painful pain is not applicable), you must hint yourself, as if the doctor is telling you that pain is a protective reaction of the body, indicating that the body is in a state of adjustment.

Through this self-suggestion, the physical pain will be reduced accordingly.

  Third, the pain and pain relief method of pain patients, if you can relieve psychological tension and relax muscles, it will reduce and reverse the pain response.

For example, you can use short-term physiological methods such as exhaling, sneezing, taking a deep breath, and closing your eyes to meditate for pain relief.

  Fourth, the transfer of pain when the patient is in pain, you can watch TV, tell a story, read a book, read the newspaper, talk to each other and other forms to distract and reduce the effect of pain.

  Fifth, when irritating the symmetry skin method, it can stimulate the symmetrical and healthy skin to distribute the pain in the affected area. If the left arm is aching, it can stimulate the skin of the right arm. When stimulating, you can use massage, cold compress, and cool oilAnd other methods.

Ten medicinal diets to prevent cholecystitis

Ten medicinal diets to prevent cholecystitis

First, the stewed tofu ingredients of bougainvillea: 60 grams of fresh bougainvillea, 120 grams of tofu.

  Production: Wash the bougainvillea, add it to the pot with the tofu, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer until cooked through.

  How to eat: Eat tofu and soup, eat with meals.

  Function: clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and eliminating stasis; used for acute cholecystitis.

  Second, the raw materials for the lean meat stewed with money and silver flower: 80 grams of money grass (200 grams of fresh products), 60 grams of honeysuckle (150 grams of fresh products), 1,000 grams of lean pork, 2 spoons of rice wine.

  Production: Money grass, honeysuckle after washing, bandaged with cloth; wash lean meat, cut into pieces, add water to the pot for immersion, boil over high heat, add rice wine, stew over low heat for 2 hours, take medicine pack,Squeeze out.

  How to eat: Eat meat and soup, 1 small bowl each time, 2 times a day; each time, boil and serve in 3 days.

  Function: clearing heat and detoxifying, eliminating stones; used for gallbladder and cholangitis, and preventing gallstones.

  Third, tomato scrambled eggs ingredients: 250 grams of tomatoes, 3 eggs, salt, MSG, vegetable oil each amount.

  Production: Wash the tomatoes, peel them, and cut into small pieces. Remove the eggs from the shells and mix them into a paste. When the oil in the pan heats up, pour in the egg paste and scatter with a spoon. Then add the tomato pieces, salt, and MSG, Stir fry and serve.

  How to eat: eat with meals, appetizers and digestion, for acute and chronic cholecystitis; tomatoes are rich in nutrients, contain protein, vitamins, various trace elements, etc., taste delicious, sweet and sour, everyone likes to eat;It can also promote the secretion and elimination of bile.

  Fourth, sweet and sour radish production: Wash the radish, remove both ends, and cut into small pieces of 3 cm long; remove the garlic roots, wash, cut into 3 cm long pieces; take the pan to heat, cook in the oil, putStir fry in radish for a while, add garlic, water, sugar, sour vinegar, cover with simmer until cooked; then use wet starch to simmer, add sesame oil, and serve.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.

  Function: Shun Qi digestion, Lidan detoxification.

It is used for cholecystitis, dysmenorrhea, dysphagia, etc .; folks have the proverb “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without prescribing by doctors”; radish is rich in vitamin C, which mustard oil and enzymesCan promote bile secretion and gastrointestinal motility and help digestion.

  5. Mushroom mixed with Artemisia: Wash the Artemisia, wash it in boiling water, remove and drain, chop into fines; soak the mushrooms in water, wash, and cut into fine dices; wait until the vegetable oil is heated to 70% heat, Add a few stir-fried artemisia vegetables, then pour in the mushrooms and stir-fry until cooked, add salt, and MSG seasoning.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: diuretic and diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antihypertensive, used for cholecystitis and hepatitis; Artemisia oleracea contains a variety of amino acids, impurities, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, etc .; has obvious diuretic and antihypertensive, promotes bile secretion, and strengthens prothrombineffect.

  6. Mushroom Tremella Tofu Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh mushrooms, 20 grams of Tremella, 2 pieces of tofu (500 grams), and appropriate amount of condiments.

  Production: Wash the mushrooms, soak the white fungus with water, wash the tofu and cut into small pieces; when the oil is hot, add the tofu pieces to fry until yellow, add in water, then add the mushrooms and white fungus, slowly with low heatStew until cooked, add salt, and MSG seasoning.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: Qingre Lidan, Yiqi Buzhong; used for cholecystitis with weak liver and spleen function.

  Seven, medicinal vinegar egg raw materials: vinegar 1 000 grams, turmeric, woody incense, sage 30 grams each, astragalus, chicken inner gold 60 grams each, 15 fresh eggs.

  Production: The above raw materials are sealed in glass bottles or porcelain jars for half a month.

  How to eat: Cook 1 egg per day for 15 days as a course of treatment.

  Function: Lithiasis; used for gallstone disease.

  Eight, raw materials of pig pancreas pot: 2 pig pancreas, 1 sea cucumber, 2 fresh eggs, 10 g of mangosteen.

  Production: Pig guide, sea cucumber clean up, put in the pot together with the mandrill, add water to cook together, then break the eggs into the pot and cook into poached eggs, add seasoning to serve.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: Yangyinshengjin; used for gallstone disease with diabetes.

  Nine, yam stewed soft-shelled turtle raw materials: 30 grams of fresh yam, 20 grams of longan meat, 10 grams of shellfish beads, 500 grams of turtles, 30 grams of white lotus root, soy sauce, salt, MSG each amount.

  Production: Wash the yam; wash the white scallion, slice; cut the intestines with the soft-shelled turtle, put it in the pot with the yam, longan meat, and artillery beads, add water and simmer until cooked, and then simmer in the white and seasoning for 3 minutes.
  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: stasis and softness; used for gallstone disease with cholestatic hepatitis.

  Ten, walnut meat fried chicken raw materials: 500 grams of chicken breasts, 150 grams of walnuts, 3 eggs, all kinds of spices.

  Production: Wash the chicken breasts with warm water, remove the tendons, peel the skin with a flower knife, cut into oblique triangle pieces, put in a bowl, add onion, ginger juice, rice wine, refined salt, mix well; then add in egg whitesPoached rice flour, turn into egg paste, mix into the chicken nugget bowl and mix and sizing; first put the walnut meat into the warm pot, fry it and remove it; then take a small bowl into the chicken soup, rice wine, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate,Pork powder, turn into a marinade for use; take another hot pot, when the vegetable oil is burned to five maturity, put the chicken pieces with good starch, spread with a spoon until cooked, then pour out; then pour in the marinade,When the juice is thick, add chicken, turn it a few times, add walnuts and stir well.

  How to eat: Serve with a meal.
  Function: nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing kidney and removing stones.It is used for nutritional supplement and nourishment of cholelithiasis and cholecystitis. Walnut meat contains propionate, which can prevent the combination of glycoprotein and calcium ions, unbound bilirubin, and can dissolve, resolve and excrete stones. Walnut also containsProtein, trace, sugar, multivitamins, minerals and other nutrients are used for cooking and flavoring, sweet and delicious, with good color and taste, and have a good nourishing effect.

The secret to making your baby beautiful

The secret to making your baby beautiful

Every parent wants his baby to be beautiful and not to think that the child is born with some kind.

In fact, from infancy, you can help your baby shape the perfect bone shape through effective nursing methods.

When the baby grows up, let him develop good habits and make him more healthy and beautiful.

  Infancy: It is very important to shape the baby’s sleeping posture-giving the baby a beautiful face. At birth, the skull is soft and not completely ossified. There is only a small volume between each bone piece and it has considerable plasticity.

In addition, the baby’s retinal muscles are not yet capable of turning a heavy head. When bone fragments in certain orientations bear the weight of the entire head for a long time, their growth shape will be disturbed.

  When the baby grows up, the hardness of the skull also increases, and the bones are tightly jointed, so the head shape will not change.

The golden age for adjusting your baby’s head shape is within 3 months after your baby is born.

  In the past, Chinese parents were accustomed to let their baby adopt a supine sleeping position. Therefore, most Chinese people’s faces are relatively slender, and their three-dimensional feeling is not strong.

Moreover, supine is also easy to cause the baby’s head to be asymmetrical due to the baby’s need to turn his head, forming a head tilt.

Westerners don’t mind the baby’s sleeping position. Many babies are used to sleeping on their stomachs. They also do not interfere. The sharp contours of Western people also have some factors.

  However, parents should also decide the sleeping position of the baby according to the baby’s appearance. For example, some babies have higher cheekbones. If they are allowed to sleep on their backs, their cheekbones will be higher in the future and their faces will become unsightly.

  The slender baby is suitable for sleeping on the left and right sides, so that the forehead and the occipital bone (the back of the head) are not squeezed, and the cheeks on both sides can be internally molded, which can make the head contour beautiful.

  It should be noted here that taking a prone sleeping position also has certain risks. It must be attended by a special person to pay attention to whether the baby’s airway is unobstructed and prevent the airway from being blocked.

  Sleep fuels babies-The shape of a good child is basically the focus of every parent’s attention.

Newborn children sleep more than 20 hours 24 hours a day, and the sleep time will change after changing the age of the month, but infants and young children should sleep more than 12 hours a day.

  Some moms say, “My child sleeps more than 12 hours a day. Should he grow taller?”

“But it is worth mentioning that the period of sleep is also very important.

Even if you sleep for 12 hours, the effect of sleeping for 12 hours from 9pm and sleeping for 12 hours from 1am is completely different.

Studies have shown that about 70% of growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep at night, so it is important to ensure that the baby’s night sleep is the most critical.

  Prevent babies from becoming ugly and avoid 3 misunderstandings 1.

Newborn babies with toys hanging on the crib spend most of their time lying down and can only see the limited space above. Therefore, I like to stare at the accessories and toys above the eyes. Over time, it can easily becomeSquint or right eye.

  Do this: Do not hang anything over the crib or stroller.

You can hold the toy in hand and shake the baby back and forth to play with it. You can also exercise your baby’s eyes while playing.


Some parents who are pressing the baby’s ears when going out to bring a hat to a newborn, must pay attention to whether the size of the hat is appropriate, and do not let the edge of the hat press the baby’s ears too much.

When your baby is sleeping, you should also be careful not to let your baby fold your ears to sleep. The newborn’s ears are very soft and will not cry even if they are pressed. Therefore, the above situation is likely to cause the baby’s ears to grow and deform.

  Solution: Choose a soft hat for your baby, and smooth your baby’s ears when you sleep.


Many mothers sleep with pacifiers To prevent babies from making noise at night, let their babies sleep with pacifiers or pacifiers at night.

In the long run, the baby’s lower jaw will be habitually misaligned, and the upper and lower palate (jawbone) will be displaced. After the baby has teeth, the upper teeth will also move forward to form small cavities.

  This way: After the baby has teethed, let the baby gradually quit the habit of sleeping with a pacifier.

Other ways to soothe the baby’s sleep, some mothers hum the sleep song, tell a story for the baby and so on.

  Childhood: Correction is the key. Correct posture is the point. Every parent should pay attention to whether their child has hump and scoliosis caused by bad posture, and cultivate children’s good learning and living habits.

  Most children, as they sit on the sofa and watch TV, attend classes at school, and do homework at home, unknowingly develop habits such as humpbacks, chicken breasts, and bulging belly. As a result, the spine is bent and deformed over time.

Young students usually use backpacks on their shoulders, but they can still form a humpback posture because the bags are too heavy.

These will gradually become true deformities, as well as the possibility of causing myopia and strabismus. It is even more difficult to correct them in adulthood. If they cannot be corrected in time, the elderly will definitely develop a severe hump and bend over.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach children from a young age to develop a correct sitting posture, participate in straightening the lower back, expanding the chest, abdomen, training biped elasticity, arm lift and other exercises that help the spine health.

  Exercise habits are also important. Even if it is for the baby to grow taller, parents should not just blindly believe that there are currently increased drinks, medicines, heightened insoles, etc.First of all, provide children with adequate and reasonable nutrition.

Basically let the child ensure adequate sleep, and urge the child to hurry to sleep as soon as possible.

The third is to encourage children to exercise more, choose some sports with strong jumping ability, can prevent the lower limbs, try not to do weight-bearing exercise.

In addition, children should be given a relaxed and pleasant living environment.

  Children’s beautiful and ugly appearances are derived from genetic factors, and the acquired plasticity is also very strong. Parents must grasp these small details to make the baby grow beautifully and healthily.

Black fungus cure disease cure recipe

Black fungus cure disease cure recipe

Black fungus is a type of fungus.

Because it grows on rotten wood and looks like human ears, it is black or brownish black, so it is called black fungus, also known as xylosma, tree chicken.

This product is both edible and medicinal.

Black fungus originates from the fungus scale fungus, hair fungus or wrinkled fungus body, mostly parasitic on mulberry, oak, elm, poplar, locust tree and other decaying branches, originally wild, now mostly artificial cultivation.

  As early as in ancient times, our ancestors seemed to realize that black fungus was edible in the process of searching for food to satisfy their hunger.

The recognized recognition of the medicinal value is at the same time before the Han Dynasty, and the existing existing monographs on pharmacy were stored in the former. The Shennong Bencaojing of the Han Dynasty already recorded its medicinal value.

The book goes under the white strips of Sanggen: Wu auricula can “improve qi and thirst, and lighten up one’s will”; and the black one, “the master woman leaks red white juice, blood disease, swollen accumulation, Yin pain,Yin Yang cold and hot, no children.

(瘕: Traditional Chinese medicine refers to a disease in the stomach.

The five fungus mentioned above includes the black fungus today, and the mulberry black is the seed of the black fungus today.

  Compendiums of the past dynasties, such as The Famous Doctor’s Special Records of the Liang Dynasty in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Dietetic Herbal Medicine of the Tang Dynasty, Compendium of Materia Medica of the Ming Dynasty, and Contemporary Chinese Herbal Medicine, etc.

  Indications and effects Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is a food with a light taste, which can be seasoned with any personal favorite to make a variety of delicious dishes. As a medicine, it is a rare tonic.It is not tired and impatient, but can be used for a long time.

According to the “Chinese Materia Medica”: black fungus is sweet and flat, returning to the spleen, lungs, liver, and large intestine.

Indications Qi deficiency and blood loss, lung deficiency, long cough, hemoptysis, hemorrhoid bleeding, women’s metrorrhagia, irregular menstruation, bruises and so on.

  Modern research Contemporary medical scientists have conducted in-depth and systematic research on black fungus from the aspects of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and clinical application.

Modern experimental studies have shown that black fungus that is parasitic on different decay wood or substrates contains different ingredients and pharmacological effects.

Generally speaking, black fungus mainly contains protein, trace amounts, lecithin, sphingomyelin, multivitamins, and inorganic components such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It has anti-hemagglutination, anti-thrombosis, promotes immune function, regulates blood lipids, and resists atherosclerosis.Extensive pharmacological effects such as sclerosis, hypoglycemia, delaying aging, anti-ulcer, anti-wrinkle.

These studies not only provide a strong medicinal and pharmacological basis for this traditional traditional utility, but also create extremely favorable conditions for further rational application and development research.

  There are many single prescriptions for preventing black fungus from being used by folks, and a few are for your selection.

If you are not sure whether you can take the following single prescription, you can ask the local Chinese medicine practitioner or nutritionist for guidance. If there is a substitute for some of the following single prescriptions, you should immediately replace it and go to the local hospital for treatment; some prescriptions use brown sugar, Sugar, rock sugar, diabetic patients should take or reduce the amount when taking, so as not to increase the metabolic diabetes.

  ● Vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease: 5 grams of black fungus, soak overnight in water, steam for 1 hour, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar (optionally), take it before bedtime, and continuously eat it; or add it in dumplings or buns for long-term consumption.

  ● Anemia: 30 grams of black fungus, 30 red dates, cooked and served, you can also add brown sugar to flavor.

  ● Hemorrhoid bleeding, constipation: 6 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of persimmon, boiled together, eat at will.

  ● Menstrual periods, more than dripping, red leucorrhea: black fungus baked, finely ground, 3-6 grams each time, 2 times a day, brown sugar water delivery.

  ● Leakage (equivalent to functional uterine bleeding): 60 grams of black fungus, boiled with water, add 60 grams of brown sugar, take 2 times a day.

  ● Postpartum weakness, cramps and numbness: 30 grams of black fungus, soaked in vinegar, eat 5-6 times, 3 times a day.

Those with too much stomach acid and heartburn should not take it.

  Fundus hemorrhage: 3-6 grams of fungus, 5 grams of rock sugar, add water, moderate stew soup, take a meal before bedtime.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  Black fungus is a tonic and its medicine is gentle, so it should only be used for the daily health care of people with mild or sub-health. In case of severe emergency, it should be compatible with other drugs or as a therapeutic aid.

In addition, black fungus is more difficult to digest and has a certain function of smooth intestine. Therefore, those with indigestion of spleen deficiency or thin stools should not use it; those who are allergic to this product and similar to it should also avoid taking it.

Strength and elegance can be yoga for men

Strength and elegance can be yoga for men

Some people think that yoga is a women’s special sport. At the same time when yoga rose in China, a large number of female yoga instructors were generated. Most of the yoga enthusiasts in the classroom were also women.

As a result, men believe that yoga practice is too soft to achieve the strength effect they want.

  This phenomenon occurs because people only see the “softness” of yoga and ignore the “strength” of yoga.

Yoga posture exercises have the function of strengthening the body and balancing the various systems of the body.

It mainly relies on the body to pinch, pull, twist, squeeze and other methods to effectively massage the internal organs of the body and stimulate the major glands of the body to achieve the role of a healthy body.

After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga consistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do notLose confidence in themselves.

At the beginning, the stiffness of each part of the body is very natural. This is just a small “warning” to you-it is necessary to thoroughly repair the body.

  In fact, yoga practice is definitely not only about the softness of the human body, it is also very worthy of “replacement”, that is, the exercise of intensity.

With the development of yoga, modern yogis are also constantly exploring ways suitable for modern people to practice. On the basis of not departing from the principles of yoga practice, power (strength) yoga has also been loved and recognized by more and more people.Yoga pays attention to the softness of the body while adding training in the ability to intervene in the muscles.

  The sloping mountain style is a variant of the mountain style.

(Urdhva’s Sanskrit means “up”, Hasta’s Sanskrit means “arm”, and Tadasanaurdhva Hastasana means “mountain-style with arms tilted up”) Back, wrists and fingers are exercised.

  How to practice: 1.

Barefoot tip on any level ground.

The feet are merged, and beginners can choose to open their feet 5 cm away.


The body’s center of gravity is evenly distributed above and outside the soles of the feet. At the same time, relax the toes, tighten the tibia, rotate the anterior thigh muscles to the front, retract the arms, lift the pelvis and tibia.


Keep your head and spine vertical, lift your arms, open your palms, palms facing each other, stretch your arms, feel the extension of your trunk muscles, and lift your arms and fingers.

(Especially the little finger lift can help us straighten our elbows more) 4.

Keep your limbs healing, lift and relax your muscles, look ahead, and relax your eyes and facial muscles.


Rotate your wrist, palm forward, keep breathing, conscious awareness, experience the connection between body and consciousness, and feel the energy from bottom to top.

Balance the soles of the feet, pelvis and tibia.

The final pose can be held for 30-60 seconds.

  Note: Patients with headache caused by stress need to avoid practicing this posture. Patients with high blood pressure or hypotension should keep the final posture for no more than 15 seconds. Patients with lumbar disc bulging should keep their postures and open their knees.

  Action points: Keep your feet balanced, balance the pelvis and head, and keep your body’s center of gravity tilted upwards; wrong postures can cause discomfort in the lumbar region.

  Efficacy: 1.

Relieve depression and improve self-confidence 2.

Exercise the abdomen, pelvis, torso and back area 3.

Relieve sciatica 4.

Contract the knee and foot muscles 5.

Stretches the spine muscles to reduce back pain and stiffness.

Orthopedic Venues Provided: Yosemite Yoga Instructor Introduction: AshishBist was born in Garhwal Himalaya, R, the hometown of yoga creator Shiva.




A (Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Welfare Association) founder of the Rishikesh Yoga Coach Alliance.

Currently serves as R & D Director of Yosemite Teaching.
  He has been studying traditional yoga with a local master at Rishikesh since the age of 10, and then learned Himalayan yoga and meditation with his own disciple ISuresh Binjola, a great Himalayan mentor SwamiRama, and followed B.


SwamiBr, a senior disciple of Master Iyengar.

RudraDev studied assistive yoga and completed a yoga teacher training course at Parmarth Niketan College in 2001.

  Ashish has more than 10 years of teaching experience, specializing in teaching traditional Hatha yoga and chanting.

He believes that yoga is a comprehensive practice that combines body, mind, and spirit, and transcends the body, mind, and spirit to a peaceful, peaceful state.

Through practice, you can improve your concentration, understand your body, and keep yourself in peace and joy forever.

About the time and frequency of yoga practice

About the time and frequency of yoga practice

There should be no particularly strict rules on time and frequency.

For example, yoga requires one hour before or after a long period of time without food, which is beneficial to certain movements and you want to get.

For those who have a strong desire to lose weight, it is best not to eat for three to four hours before and after exercise, because the aunt can be mobilized to participate in exercise consumption without preserving energy in advance. After exercise, the functional organs of the internal organs of the body are strengthened, including the absorption organs.If you eat immediately, your body will absorb too much.

As for the anal deed, the breathing method or eye health function can be performed at any time as long as you have time.

The number of exercises should be guided by your own feelings. Any kind of action has different degrees of effectiveness on different people, which is determined by your own physical condition.

  The time limit is relatively speaking.

If you fail to follow these standards you can continue your exercise.

One hour before eating, this means don’t eat immediately after exercising, you need to rest and relax your body. If you are hungry or must eat, go eat well, but don’t eat too fast.

In the exercise 2 hours after eating, it means, don’t let your stomach work out while working. If the stomach works out while working out, the body will often overburden and cause illness or easily cause adverse effects, even food.Can not be absorbed well, the body is easily fatigued during exercise, it is not easy to concentrate, and so on.

  If you eat little or easily digested food, they will digest it quickly.

This usually takes about 30-`120 minutes, and you can master it.

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

The first kind of good friends: spurs we all need the kind of people who push us forward.

If you qualify for promotion and aren’t sure, she will say, “That job is perfect for you.

Now we should hang up and you have something to do now.

Call me when you’re done!

“Good friend type two: A good consultant can ask her for help when you have a big problem-if life is happy, what is the secret of success-and she can always give you an appropriate answer.

  Good friend type three: a younger friend who is an intern in the office or an immigrant who has moved from another city to your next door.

Make sure she deserves your support, and then support her.

  Good friend fourth: not the mother’s mother, she can be your good, older neighbor, she will give you soup when you are sick; she may also be your friend’s mother, she often invites you on holidayshave dinner.

Everyone has a need for someone’s pampering.

  Good friend fifth: Translator male friends know more about men’s thoughts, and he will give you wise advice. Having such friends is not harmful to you.

He can tell you exactly what he means when your boyfriend says “I need my own space” (find a new boyfriend!

) The sixth best friend: When you need to decompress, she will pull you to sing karaoke or tell you a little joke about her life, making you laugh straight.

  Good friend seventh: someone who cares about you. She looks at you like a moment and takes care of your sister.

When you think someone is bad for you, she is sincere, and she was the first person you called when an emergency happened at three in the morning.

Yogurt may affect the efficacy of blood pressure, especially for hypoglycemic drugs.

Yogurt may affect the efficacy of blood pressure, especially for hypoglycemic drugs.

Yogurt tastes good and contains probiotics, but you should pay attention when drinking yoghurt when taking medicine, because some drugs will react with calcium and lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, lighter to reduce the efficacy, and severe cases may produce gallstones and kidney stones.

Take the following medicines and drink yogurt should be more than 2 hours.

  Antibiotics: Active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed by antibiotics in the body, so antibiotics that are sensitive to lactic acid bacteria such as roxithromycin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol must be staggered with the time of drinking yogurt.

First, lactic acid bacteria are sensitive to these drugs. Second, antibiotics interact with calcium ions in yogurt to form complexes, which greatly reduce the absorption of drugs and reduce the efficacy.

  Although taking it with yogurt will affect the efficacy, but after drinking antibiotics for 2 hours, you can adjust the symptoms of loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms caused by taking the medicine.

  Iron-containing drugs: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate (rich blood iron), ferrous succinate, ferric ammonium citrate, slow-release iron and other iron-containing preparations, are commonly used drugs for iron deficiency anemia in women and children.Calcium ions in yogurt can compete with iron in the duodenum, reducing iron absorption and reducing efficacy.

  Cardiotonic medicine: When patients with heart failure are treated with digitalis, digoxin and other cardiotonic drugs, if they drink a lot of yogurt at the same time, there may be symptoms such as yellow vision and even accidents, because the calcium contained in the yogurt can increase these.The toxicity of cardiac glycosides.

  Hypoglycemic agents: When metformin exerts hypoglycemic action, it will increase lactic acid in the body, while yoghurt contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria, which will increase the amount of lactic acid.

If extended, taking extended doses of metformin, drinking yogurt can cause accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which may cause lactic acidosis.

In order to avoid accumulation of lactic acid in the body, other dairy products can be used instead of yogurt during the use of metformin.

  Antihypertensive drugs: In patients with severe hypertension, if you use antihypertensive drugs such as Youjianging, if you drink yogurt or other dairy products at the same time, it may cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, severe blood pressure continues to rise, and even high blood pressure occurs.Crisis.

Simple Chinese Medicine Skin Care Products DIY


Simple Chinese Medicine Skin Care Products DIY

Traditional Chinese medicine has been passed down for thousands of years, and it has a direct impact on the history of medical development in the entire Asian region. Although western medicine is now popular, parts of traditional Chinese medicine are still sublime.

You often use Chinese medicine to condition your body. You may not know it. As long as you master the methods and tips, you can also use Chinese medicine to make some simple skin care products.


Effect of Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of dilating blood vessels and reducing contraction. It can make skin cells, brain cells and hair get sufficient blood volume.

  Usage: You can pluck the tubers to extract the concentrated juice of Polygonum multiflorum and wash the porridge with rice and red dates.

Xiaobian comment: He Shouwu’s name, I believe that even people who have no knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine have heard it, and it has always been related to maintaining black hair.

Want a beautiful black hair, make a good friend with He Shouwu!


Oatmeal effect: It can soothe dry skin after being blown by the wind. It has excellent moisturizing effect and is most suitable for sensitive skin.

  To use: Apply thick oatmeal to your face, remember to use it near your skin.

Editor’s comment: MM who loves oats, isn’t it for you to drink this time, or to apply it?
In the beginning of the autumn season, do n’t forget the moisturizing homework.


The effect of angelica: activating blood, nourishing blood, can lighten spots, whitening, is recognized as an anti-aging beauty agent, known as “beauty medicine”.

  Usage: Grind into powder, apply it to the face after mixing into a paste, or dip it in a cotton pad and boil it with water.


Paeoniae effect: It has the reputation of divine beauty, can make the skin tender and delicate, and has an excellent anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal effect.

  Usage: White lotus root powder with egg white, honey is a high-quality natural mask.


Zelan effect: The medicinal part is stems and leaves. Zelan leaves boil water for bathing, which can make hair shiny and skin smooth.

  Usage: Zelan tea can help the mother to recover her slim body as soon as possible.