Eating 6 kinds of food often makes women always beautiful


Eating 6 kinds of food often makes women always beautiful

For women, everyone wants to keep youth forever, retain beauty, and be able to stay young.

But do you have the most effective beauty recipe?

In fact, some foods can make you eat more and more young, maybe you have not found it at all.

These 6 kinds of everyday most common foods, often eaten, make women always beautiful.

銆€銆€1, banana banana is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and iron, also contains phosphorus and minerals to balance the body’s pH balance, is one of the best health foods refreshing.

銆€銆€2, cauliflower cauliflower contains a large number of anti-cancer enzymes, its content far exceeds other enzyme-containing foods.

In addition, cauliflower also contains calcium which prevents osteoporosis, iron which is often lacking in women, and folic acid which is beneficial to pregnant women.

銆€銆€3, yogurt yogurt not only helps digestion, but also effectively prevent interventional infections and improve the body’s immune function.

Compared with ordinary milk, the yoghurt has low trace content, high calcium content, and vitamin B2. These elements are all beneficial to the human body.

銆€銆€4, polyphenols contained in green tea green tea is a phytochemical factor that is 100 times more effective than vitamin C.

Japanese research shows that drinking 10 cups of green tea a day can reduce the risk of low blood pressure, and using it as a mouthwash can also inhibit the growth of oral bacteria.

銆€銆€Because the nuts are rich in iron and various vitamins, they can strengthen skin cells and bring oxygen to red blood cells, so that you can stay healthy and beautiful.

銆€銆€5, oatmeal contains dextran, a sponge-like soluble cellulose that can resolve early plasma, so eating oatmeal every day can reduce the effect of lowering.

Oats also contain linoleic acid, so oatmeal has the effect of inhibiting plasma elevation.

The various enzymes contained in oats have a transforming activity that can help delay the aging of cells.

銆€銆€6, tomato tomato is rich in lycopene, which is the strongest antioxidant in its class.

In addition, the carotene is also excellent in the elimination of oxygen free radicals.

According to research: 50 per person per day?
100 grams of fresh tomatoes can meet the body’s needs for several vitamins and minerals.

銆€銆€We can often see such a phenomenon in life. People of the same age and the same working environment can look ten or more years apart.

Some people have the phenomenon of premature aging, which is caused by a variety of reasons. Among them, eating some foods that are prone to premature aging is an important reason.

Why do young women have lower body fat?


Why do young women have lower body fat?

Core Tip: Wearing a pair of beautiful jeans, the excess meat on the waist is coming out, and the thighs and calves that get thicker every day. I want to know how to make the fats of the younger women and the lower half of the body.s reason.


Estrogen secretion disorder, bad habits let you fat let you emit feminine estrogen, is the culprit to make the lower body fat.

Hungry for a full meal, chaos diet pills, accidental pregnancy, etc., will cause estrogen secretion disorder, resulting in unfortunate accumulation in the abdomen and thighs, the lower body is getting fatter.

銆€銆€Therefore, eating on time, not taking weight-loss drugs and active contraception are the key to prevent lower body fat, especially contraceptives.

Most people think that long-term use of contraceptives will become fat, in fact, this is a misunderstanding.

In the past, the amount of estrogen in contraceptives was high, and long-term use did cause a slight accumulation in the body.

However, in recent years, the improved oral contraceptives have replaced 30 micrograms or even 20 micrograms of estrogen in the past 150 micrograms.

This oral contraceptive containing only ultra-low estrogen will not make you fat at all.


Sitting with your fists and legs, while you are squatting and fat, you may be sitting on the sofa and reading this article with your legs crossed.

Whether you are at home or in the office, if you sit on your legs for a whole day, it will block the blood and lymph circulation in your legs, causing the lower body to swell.

It is not good to do edema care, a small amount of massage, the lower extremity vein will gradually protrude, seriously affecting the lower body circulation, resulting in slight thickening, even the muscles will be stiff.

銆€銆€Therefore, in addition to changing the poor sitting posture of the legs, do not sit still, but also actively do lower body massage.

You can wash your calf or foot on the body with a special massage oil every day. No matter whether it is twisted or blocked, you can relieve the lower body edema and prevent slight accumulation.


Sexy too “tight”, fat can not wear tight jeans, tight-fitting underwear and other tight clothing, even mini skirts, sleeveless shirts and other sexy wear, will make the lower body fat.

Because too tight clothing will damage the normal movement of the legs, which will lead to blood circulation in the waist and legs; the extension of the skirt will make the legs cool, which also affects blood circulation, resulting in slight accumulation.

Therefore, if you want to prevent the lower body from getting fat, you must keep your legs warm, not wearing too tight skirts and pants.


瓒挎媺瓒挎媺 walks, the calf is desperately fat, there is no time to exercise, and you can exercise when you get off work.

But the walking posture is wrong, or the shoes are not properly worn, which can not reduce the fat, but also may become fatter, and even seriously affect the health of the feet.

For example, if you walk on a squat, you will not be able to burn your legs, but your calves will become thicker.

The correct walking posture is that the heel is attached to the ground and the toes have a sense of kick.

It is best not to walk fast in high heels, otherwise it will cause more pressure on both feet, even the spine will not be able to eat, and going home at night will be backache.

銆€銆€涓嬭韩鑲ヨ儢鏀荤暐鐗瑰緛锛氳交寰富瑕佸垎甯冧簬鑲氳叐锛岃吙鍙婅儷楠紝灞炰簬涓婅韩姣旇緝鐦﹀急锛屼笅鍗婅韩鐩稿杈冭儢鐨勬ⅷ鍨嬭韩鏉愭垚鍥狅細涓昏鐢遍仐浼犲喅瀹氬嵄瀹筹細姝ょ被杞诲井杈冮毦娑堥櫎锛屽洜鑰屼笉浼氬鑷寸柧鐥呫€€銆€瑙e喅: Do stretching exercises for limbs.

銆€銆€Exercise choice: A large part of the leg is thick because of heredity. There is basically no effective way.

In addition to running fat-reducing fats, you can only practice the equipment to tighten the leg muscles, and often pull the ligaments to help lengthen the lines of the leg muscles, which will look fine.

Suitable sports are physique ballet, yoga, aerobic dance, etc., through the stretching of the body to achieve a visual extension.

銆€銆€It is recommended to exercise a pedal bicycle for more than 20 minutes a day, or to lie flat and let the legs do pedal bicycle movements, counterclockwise, 50 times in a clockwise direction.

銆€銆€Dietary Guide: Add enough high quality protein such as shrimp, fish, lean meat and more.

If the lower body is obese with muscle weakness, edema, cold hands and feet, it is recommended to take more bath or foot bath while exercising, at least three times a week to promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism.

銆€銆€Drink more warm drinks or tea after exercise. Generally speaking, drink about 200 ml.

After the shower, you can drink a little more.

Never drink cold drinks, or the chances of losing weight will decrease.

In addition, do not eat white sugar, you can use brown sugar, honey instead.

Do not eat instant noodles, MSG and all kinds of convenience foods.

Winter alternative warm weight loss method


Winter alternative warm weight loss method

The most important scientific idea of “warm weight loss” is to increase body temperature, thus speeding up the metabolism of agile, as long as the body temperature is maintained at 36.

Above 5 掳 C, it will immediately become thin and not rebound!

Here we take fat meat for an analogy.

When we put a piece of frozen fat on a hot frying pan, it is accompanied by “Zizi?”
“The sound, you can see the fat slowly thawed and melted, a little bit smaller.

The uncle in the human body also.

As body temperature rises, adults in the body become more susceptible to burning and will slowly decrease.

銆€銆€Many women are now eager to lose weight, but they are always unsuccessful.

There are three main reasons for this.

First: don’t take weight loss as a daily habit (can’t stick to it).

Second: the effect of weight loss can not be immediately immediate (mood disorder).

Third: There is no fundamental improvement in physical fitness (will rebound after losing weight).

Therefore, the most important thing to lose weight is to carry out in a pleasant and relaxed environment, so as to gradually achieve the slimming effect and develop a “warm weight loss” lifestyle.

銆€銆€The fact is that if you want to lose weight successfully, you must first maintain a high temperature!

And many women are “dead cold body physique that even drinking water”, body temperature is not easy to rise, weight loss is not easy to succeed.

Therefore, the first step of the “warm weight loss method” is to keep warm in the body and completely remove the cold.

Improve body temperature and become a lean body that is slightly easy to burn, so you can lose weight without any effort.

銆€銆€In addition, by the increase in body temperature, the blood circulation in the body also becomes strong, replacing it with an extra syringe in the body.

Such acne and rough skin can also be cured, and other discomforts of the body will gradually disappear.

銆€銆€Complete cold-reducing weight loss program features: for those who are hard to maintain exercise and busy people.

Make full use of insulation products to completely remove body cold.

Also, you can drink some black tea to raise your body temperature.

銆€銆€Taboo: cold drinks, cold food, shower expected effect time: 3 days?
1 week 1

Warm black tea for breakfast and breakfast, you can add some ginger powder to warm up the body.

In order to add enough sugar to the body, you can put more brown sugar or honey in it.

銆€銆€If you feel hungry on the road, can you eat some red sugar or 1?
2 pieces of brown sugar.

Being hungry is caused by the low sugar in the blood – low blood sugar.

Therefore, as long as the blood sugar is raised, there will be no more sense of the elderly.

If you eat red sugar or brown sugar, you can add sugar directly, and you won’t feel hungry soon.

銆€銆€If you drink ginger black tea on an empty stomach and feel uncomfortable in the stomach, try reducing the amount of ginger slightly.


If you feel hungry during the refreshment time, can you eat a little red sugar or 1?
2 brown sugar pieces to resist the feeling of obesity.

You can also drink ginger black tea with a little brown sugar or honey.


Dinner dinner basically, you can eat whatever you want.

Drinking doesn’t matter.
Although you can decide the menu casually according to your preference, it is best to choose the positive food that keeps your body warm.

銆€銆€Do not overeating.

I have to remember that my meal is full.

Take a bath and bathe, use a half-body bath that makes the lower body completely warm, so that the waist is completely immersed in water and soak for more than 20 minutes.

You can drink some ginger black tea before bathing. The effect of replacing ginger will enhance the warmth of the half-body bath.

After the whole body is sweating, wash your hair and body again, and the bath is over!

銆€銆€In winter, a foot bath can be used instead of a half-body bath.

Pour hot water at 42 掳C into the washbasin, re-align the two feet with the following completely infiltrated in the water, add hot water from time to time to maintain the water temperature, soak 10?
15 minutes.

If you add a small amount of ginger or natural salt to the hot water, the warmth will be better.


After bathing, in order to prevent the warm body from getting cold after the half-body bath, you can use a loincloth, socks, warm legs, etc. to keep your lower body warm.

銆€銆€You can’t drink cold drinks when you are thirsty!

You can drink hot herbal tea, roasted tea or mineral water at room temperature to quench your thirst.


You can’t forget to keep warm when you sleep and sleep.

In order to prevent the warmth of the body after the half-body bath from getting cold, you can wear a loose loincloth, five-finger socks and other items that do not bind the body to sleep.

Winter hydrating, the original winter beauty is raised like this


Winter hydrating, the original winter beauty is raised like this

Winter beauty and beauty diet should be “two more and one less” to eat less salt-dried climate to penetrate the respiratory system and easily cause upper respiratory tract infection.

If the salt content in the food is too high, it will lead to a decrease in salivation, making the bacteria more viable in the upper respiratory tract.

A high-salt diet may also reduce the ability of the mucosa to fight disease, allowing bacteria and viruses to take the opportunity to induce inflammation.

Therefore, winter should pay more attention to salt limitation.

Eat more sour fruits, because the sweet and sour fruits usually contain vitamins C and E, which can moisturize the skin.

Vitamin C can promote collagen synthesis and make skin moist and delicate. Vitamin E is a highly effective antioxidant that promotes human metabolism, improves skin blood circulation and enhances cell vitality such as kiwi, hawthorn, apple, pear and citrus fruits.

In addition, sour fruit also contains carbonic acid, organic acids, cellulose and other substances, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate the role of metabolic peristalsis, winter, eat a fruit a day, is an ideal choice for hydration.

Drinking more tea and plums will always be a little cold in the winter, and it is important to use the flower tea to reflect excessive diet and cold body.

Warm and beautiful in the cold winter with warm tea.

Winter moisturizing beauty diet guide[Yangyan diet – flower tea articles]saffron tea safflower sexual hot, and rich in a lot of iron, can promote blood circulation, cooling blood detoxification, soothe the nerves have obvious effects.

In winter, women are easy to cold hands and feet, and it is best to add saffron tea at this time.

Saffron tea is more suitable for adding with honey, warm water.

Hawthorn hawthorn can be eaten raw instead of flushing water. The fruit in the candied haws is squeezed by the hawthorn.

Hawthorn can relieve diarrhea and head sensation, and vitamin supplementation can also be a powerful help for body beauty.

It can whiten the skin, lower blood fat and promote slight decomposition.

Hawthorn can be brewed with lemongrass and rose hips and can be placed in honey.

Aloe Vera Tea Aloe Vera promotes large bowel movements, promotes bowel movements and improves immunity, whitens skin and relieves winter menstrual discomfort.

Aloe vera should be brewed with hot boiling water.

Luoshen tea Luosuohua tastes great, with plums, and more mentions the sweet and sour of Luoshen.

Luoshen flowers contain pectin, anthocyanins and vitamin C, malic acid and other ingredients.

Luoshenhua has a good effect on clearing heat, anti-hypertension and removing toxins from the body, which can relieve fatigue and promote metabolism.

Babaohua Tea Babao Flower Tea is a tea that can often be enjoyed in winter. I like this tea very much.

The eight treasures are mainly mangosteen, ginseng, hazelnut, red dates, longan, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, and rock sugar.

The brewing of Babao tea is a very craftsmanship, and it is recommended that interested MMs go to a special store to taste.

Ginseng tea ginseng flower tea is suitable for brewing with hot boiling water. It can be combined with medlar, ganoderma lucidum, etc. It can clear away heat and detoxify, calm liver and kidney, and soothe the nerves.

Among them, trace elements can nourish qi and promote blood circulation and regulate endocrine, and promote metabolism.

Shanghai Chinese Medicine Hospital pushes Chinese medicine into the community


Shanghai Chinese Medicine Hospital pushes Chinese medicine into the community

On August 27th, in order to strengthen the construction of the three-level network of rural Chinese medicine, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Qingpu District Health Bureau signed a contract with the Chinese Medicine Community and the opening ceremony of the Third Cultural Festival of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Qingpu District Health BureauComprehensive cooperation on appropriate technology promotion of Chinese medicine, treatment of Chinese medicine, training of talents, and two-way referrals will improve the technical level of Chinese medicine in Qingpu District Community Health Service Center.

銆€銆€In the future, Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital will regularly assign clinically experienced experts to provide professional construction, expert clinics, lectures, and Chinese medicine convenience technology development according to the actual situation of Chinese medicine construction in the community health service center of Qingpu District Health Bureau.And other Chinese medicine technical services; carry out large-scale Chinese medicine clinics, Chinese medicine treatment and other diseases; according to rural areas of traditional Chinese medicine resources and community health service centers to carry out research activities related to Chinese medicine; to undertake the teaching of community health service center training staff;Signed community health service centers refer patients to provide green access.

銆€銆€After the signing ceremony, more than 30 pediatrics in Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, experts in rheumatology, bone injury, encephalopathy, oncology, lung disease and other departments in the Qingpu District antique free consultation and Chinese medicine health lectures, there are many common diseases of traditional Chinese medicine health care and diet healthprescription.

Do you know that breathing is not right?

Do you know that breathing is not right?

Whether the vocalization method is correct or not determines whether the breathing method is scientific.

In the hospital’s snoring disease clinic, many patients with hoarseness or dysphonic symptoms often encounter different levels of vocal changes. Further comprehensive diagnosis confirms that the common cause of breathing causes problems in breathing.
There is a cloud in the old saying, “the handsome voice of the voice is also good”, there is no breath, the vocal cords can not tremble, but only the voice of the vocal cords is not enough.

The reason why the voice is flexible and durable is directly related to the continuous supply of airflow to the vocal cords.

Human breathing types are divided into thoracic breathing, abdominal breathing, and chest and abdomen combined breathing.

Many people have vocal cord problems, such as vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps and other vocal diseases, but only chest breathing, but do not know how to breathe, that is, some people usually use the stomach to participate in breathing, but not the chest and abdomenCombined breathing method.

Chest breathing is not conducive to lung health chest breathing, also known as rib breathing, horizontal breathing, this breathing method by the lateral expansion of the ribs to inhale, with the intercostal muscles to lift the ribs to expand the thorax.
In other words, when inhaling, the shoulders are lifted up, and the breath is absorbed shallowly, so it is also called shoulder breathing method, clavicle breathing method or high chest breathing method.

In chest breathing, only the upper half of the lungs are working, and the alveoli, which accounts for 4/5 of the whole lung, is “resting.”

In the long run, the middle and lower lobe leaves are not exercised, and long-term waste is easy to make the lung leaves aging, the elasticity is reduced, the respiratory function is worse, and the excess oxygen cannot be obtained, which can not meet the oxygen demand of various tissues and organs, and then affect the metabolism of the body.Causes decreased resistance and respiratory illness.

Especially in autumn and winter, the elderly are more likely to develop pneumonia due to the cold.

Most of the degenerative diseases of the lungs invade the middle and lower lungs of the elderly, which is closely related to the long-term use of the middle and lower lungs caused by chest breathing.

Most people, especially women, mostly use chest breathing, but the ribs move up and down and the chest expands slightly. The alveoli at the bottom of a large number of lungs have not undergone complete expansion and contraction, and they are not well trained.

In this way, oxygen can not be fully delivered to various parts of the body; for a long time, various organs of the body will produce varying degrees of hypoxia, and many chronic diseases are born.

Abdominal breathing is called the healthy lung and chest breathing index, while abdominal breathing is to move the diaphragm up and down.

As the diaphragm approaches during inhalation, the organ is squeezed underneath, so the belly expands rather than swells.

Therefore, the diaphragm will rise higher than usual during exhalation, which can ensure deep breathing and spit out carbon dioxide that stagnate at the bottom of the lungs.

Abdominal deep breathing is a good way to strengthen the lungs, completely eliminating the defects of chest breathing, and the alveoli of the middle and lower lungs can be strengthened in ventilation, thus delaying the attenuation, maintaining good elasticity and preventing fibrosis of the lungs.

Do abdominal deep breathing exercise, help the body to get excess oxygen, but also to meet the brain’s demand for oxygen, making people full.

In this way, abdominal breathing exercises have excellent regulation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some people may have such a question, can they participate in breathing with their stomachs?

The answer is of course yes.

Abdominal breathing is a more labor-saving and effective breathing method. At the same time, the sound will be longer, three-dimensional, elastic, and will produce better resonance, increase the sound intensity, make the sound penetrate, and relieve the throat.Fatigue of the department to prevent injury.

Learning abdominal breathing should be scientifically possible to learn abdominal breathing. It is recommended to take a supine or comfortable meditation sitting position and relax the whole body.

Observe the natural respiratory rate.

Place your right hand on the navel of your abdomen and your left hand on top.

When inhaling: expand the geographical expansion and expansion, and keep the top.

When exhaling: contract the inward contraction of the abdomen and keep it still.

Cycle once and keep the rhythm of each breath consistent.

Carefully understand the fall of the abdomen.

After the adjusted exercises, you can take your hands off, just focus on the breathing process with your consciousness.

Do not be nervous during the breathing process, and do not deliberately reluctantly. If you are a beginner, you should pay more attention to the process of exercise and the impact on the body.

When inhaling, the sensation begins to pass through the nasal cavity and throat, and then fully concentrates on the lungs. When the lungs gradually increase in size and keep the thorax still, the diaphragm can sink and the abdomen is slightly extended.Breathing inward returns the abdomen, and the diaphragm is lifted upwards, causing a large amount of turbidity to exhale.

Take the abdomen as a ball and inhale it to make the abdomen bulge. After a pause for a second or two, the mouth is exhaled to the abdomen wall.

It can be about five or six times per minute.

Usually twice a day, optionally at 10 am and 4 pm, about 10 minutes each time.

The key to abdominal breathing is that both the suction and the call must reach the “limit” amount, that is, the suction can not be sucked again, and the call can not be called again; similarly, the minority should also shrink and expand to the extreme.It’s better to try to get to Dantian every breath.

Abdominal breathing is extremely important to life.Because the abdominal cavity carries all organs except the heart, brain, and lungs, including digestion, hematopoiesis, reproduction, urinary, endocrine, and part of the lymphatic system, and has a large number of blood vessels and nerves.

It can be seen that it is very necessary to strengthen abdominal breathing training and promote abdominal movement to participate in respiratory movement.

The benefit of abdominal breathing is still that the volume of the thoracic cavity is increased by the change of abdominal pressure, the negative pressure of the thoracic cavity is increased, the pressure of the superior and inferior vena cava is decreased, and the blood return is accelerated.

As the regularity of abdominal pressure increases and decreases, the activity of intra-abdominal organs is enhanced, which can improve the blood circulation of the digestive tract, promote the digestion and absorption function of the digestive tract, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation, thereby accelerate the discharge of toxins, reduce autotoxicity, and finally reachSlow down the purpose of aging.

At the same time, abdominal breathing also includes pelvic movement, that is, while controlling the abdomen for large breathing exercise, with the anal and anal sphincter movements and the lifting of the abdomen to promote pelvic blood flow.

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Why is the old man so tempered?

The temper is coming up and taking a deep breath for 13 nights. The secret of sex is holding the breath.

Four secrets open you, my happy heart


Four secrets open you, my happy heart

Do you want to be happy most of the time?

Do you want to know why you are unhappy despite your happiness?

If you focus on the mistakes or criticisms, even if things have passed, and let these trivial things go back thousands of times, you really have to find the secret of happiness.

Today, I want to teach you how to hang your smile in uniform.

You don’t have to inherit a huge amount of inheritance, you can quickly increase your happiness index with a new mindset.

銆€銆€1, too much donation is not necessarily good to tell you that in the event of danger, it is correct to wear an oxygen mask and then help the person next to it.

This is not selfish, but self-protection.

The same is true for helping others in everyday life.

銆€銆€Yes, it is great, especially when you give time, but sometimes too much giving is only wasted and can’t benefit anyone.

銆€銆€When you understand this, you should resolutely say “no” to those who ask you to make unnecessary contributions.

You have to make time for yourself to develop hobbies, and in the end, do something that makes you happy.

Then when you have energy, you will be a contributor to power.

銆€銆€So whether you are attending a group event, going out for a walk after dinner, swimming in the morning, reading a newspaper in your home or doing some other research on your own will make you feel renewed.

銆€銆€To learn to relieve your stress, too many “you should” in your world must be replaced by more “I want”.

銆€銆€You should think like this: Only you are strong enough to help others.

Your inner heart is just as important as the outside you.

Always keep in mind your bottom line, only happy to be healthy.

銆€銆€2, enjoy the moment when you are a child, do you like to enjoy the long afternoon, and the friends to play on the guide, and the mother and her friends look at you like this.

銆€銆€You have enough time to explore every inch of land there, how much freedom!

That will definitely be the happiest time in everyone’s childhood.

銆€銆€But now, if you already have a child, can you enjoy the time with your child so patiently, instead of rushing to urge her.

If you don’t have children yet, is it a fast pace for you to stop your own affairs?

銆€銆€It’s time to change it!

Stopping on the way to the park, bending over to see the caterpillars is also more fun than rushing to the park.

You need to slow down and let the good memories of childhood slowly flash through your mind like a movie.

銆€銆€Your way of thinking needs to be changed. From the past “to play on the guide” to “play here, or play anywhere.”

Enjoy now!

銆€銆€3, find your own “fairy house”, give yourself space and time no matter how many people around you, each person needs to have independent time to adjust themselves every day.

銆€銆€Time is the only gift you give yourself. This gift can make you happier and forget the pain.

銆€銆€It won’t cost you anything or ask you to go anywhere.

銆€銆€However, when you live with a roommate, raise a child, or have a lot of work to pile up, there is no time, and it is impossible to have independent time and space.

銆€銆€Fortunately, you don’t need to fly to the Maldives or to the room to have that precious free time.

銆€銆€Even a child needs his own time and space to be replaced by the world.

What’s more, is it a modern woman who carries a lot of pressure every day?

銆€銆€You can enjoy your own time while swimming or jogging.

銆€銆€You will also have this time: think about where you can relax, whether in the coffee house or when you are slowly folding your clothes.

In those calm moments, to get rid of all the troubles, just imagine what makes you happy.銆€銆€Of course, the most important thing is to know what makes you happy. Then try to spend time doing it in your life, whether it is your interest, sharing experiences with people you like, or comforting others.

銆€銆€No matter what, as long as it makes you feel happy, you have to spend more time on it.

銆€銆€Relax, I promise that when you return to the emotional “that house”, you will feel indifferent when you face the bustling again.

銆€銆€4, conflict does not matter if there is one thing we need to learn: When a friend gives birth to your anger or when you are angry with a friend (or when you have a different opinion with a colleague on a certain issue), the most difficult thing is to call the personCome out and discuss the issue together.

銆€銆€But once you do this, you will feel relieved.

After all, your opinions are not the same, or there are many things in common.

The key is to find that some places are irreconcilable when there is controversy.

銆€銆€Tell them when you commit this with your partner: She is important to you, you want to break through this deadlock.

Listen carefully to her and add my point of view.

Don’t blame the other person, let her know that you are embarrassed about this, or tell her about the damage you have suffered in this matter.

銆€銆€Research shows that communicating with friends is especially important.

You don’t need to be completely the same as your friends, you can communicate with your friends to disagree.

When you find the same part, both of them can learn from each other; when there are different opinions, you can also laugh.

銆€銆€You can say to yourself: Friends don’t mean that everything is the same, otherwise we are not friends.

In fact, we should be both friends and retain different opinions on certain issues.

Conflict is normal, it is a part of our lives.

Summer health care comprehensive reminder


Summer health care comprehensive reminder

In the early summer season, people’s metabolism is accelerated, and the blood supply to the heart and brain is insufficient, which often makes people irritated and tired.

In addition, summer temperatures are high, energy consumption is high, nutrients are lost with sweat, and those with weak constitution, especially children and the elderly, may be infected with diseases and damage health if they are not paying attention.

銆€銆€The relationship between health care and health in summer is extremely close. Therefore, from the beginning of summer, we should arrange the schedule of work and rest, timely supplement nutrients, adopt correct health care methods, and brake better summer.

銆€銆€Beware of summer disease early summer season to prevent bacterial infections bacterial infection (the shortest bacterial infection) is the most common complication of infectious diseases, in addition to the fly breeding activities, but also with the summer climate is conducive to respiratory bacteria reproduction, hot people like to eatCold foods are associated with gastrointestinal disorders.

The key to controlling bacteria is early detection and early treatment; secondly, environmental sanitation, food hygiene and personal hygiene should be improved, food and water management should be strengthened, flies should be eliminated, cold vegetables should not be eaten, no unclean fruits should be eaten, and no corruption should be eaten.Deteriorating or not fresh food, develop the habit of washing hands before and after meals.

銆€銆€Early summer acne and red eye disease are dry in the early summer, people are easy to get angry, so patients with mouth sores will suddenly increase at this time.

The cause of aphthous ulcers, in addition to dry climate, worry, tension, vitamin and trace element supplementation is also very relevant.

Patients with severe symptoms should be treated with local cautery, sputum mask and vitamin B2 under the guidance of a doctor.

銆€銆€In addition, early summer should also pay attention to prevent the prevalence of red eye disease.

The disease has a short incubation period, and it develops within 24 hours after infection. It is conscious of both eyes with retinal pain, photophobia and tears, and foreign body sensation.

Have red eye disease, one must prevent infection, and second, timely treatment.

The patient’s washing and wiping items should be used exclusively, especially in the collective place, and the above isolation work should be done.

The key to preventing red eye disease is that in the early summer of high temperature and high humidity, we must pay attention to personal hygiene and eye care, and go to places with many people to avoid contact with infectious sources.

It is better to eat ginseng than to sleep five more

“It is better to eat ginseng than to sleep five more”

A British study has shown that poor sleep habits can lead to colds, depression, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer.
If you do not sleep for two nights, your blood pressure will rise.
If you only sleep for 4 hours a week for a week, the amount of insulin secretion will be greatly reduced, and enough to make a healthy young person with symptoms of pre-diabetes.
American medical professor William?
Dementer said: “Sleep is the first line of defense against disease.
He found that anyone who gets up at 3 o’clock in the morning will have less immunity on the second day, and the number of protective germ cells in the blood will be reduced by 1/3.
Therefore, the phrase “eat ginseng is better than sleep five more” circulating in China is very reasonable.
Traditional Chinese health education advocates sleeping 鈥淢ei Wujue鈥?
“Child” refers to 23 to 1 point at night, and “noon” refers to 11 to 13 points during the day.
I think that when I sleep, I can recharge my hair, and when I sleep, I can follow the development of Yang.
In today, the nap of the United States and Japan has become a fashion.
銆€銆€The posture of sleep is closely related to the quality of sleep.
Poor or inappropriate sleep postures not only affect the spirit and mood of the next day, but more importantly affect health.
The ideal sleeping position is the right side of the body.
Because this will not first oppress the heart on the left side, but also facilitate the blood return and gastrointestinal motility of the right abdomen liver.
However, according to the latest research report published by the American Journal of Gastroenterology, long-term sleeping posture on the right side of the body is most likely to cause esophageal cancer.
Because when the side sleeps to the right, the stomach is formed higher than the esophagus position, so the stomach acid can easily flow into the esophagus, which will cause serious damage to the esophagus over time.

Common coffee weight gain index table


Common coffee weight gain index table

Many people are always worried that they will gain weight when they drink coffee. But the taste of coffee is really difficult to give up, so I always hope to find coffee that is both delicious and not easy to cause obesity. Here are a variety of common coffees.The index is for reference.

銆€銆€Italian coffee: Generally brewed Italian coffee at home, brewed from the mocha pot invented in Italy. This coffee pot also uses the principle of steam pressure to extract coffee, which can make the pressurized steam directly pass the coffee powder, letThe steam instantly passes through the coffee powder and extracts the inner essence of the coffee. Therefore, the brewed coffee has a strong aroma and a strong bitterness. The surface of the coffee has a thin layer of coffee oil. This layer of oil is the Italian coffee lure.The source of human fragrance.

銆€銆€Taste index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?health index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?weight gain index (no sugar milk): 鈽?cappuccino: cappuccino coffee is a change in Italian coffee, that is, on the strong coffee,Pour the milk foamed with steam. At this time, the color of the coffee is like the headscarf covered by the cappuccino monk’s dark brown coat. The coffee is named after it.

銆€銆€Taste Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Health Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Weight Gain Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?Mocha Coffee: This is for you who love chocolate, add chocolate to Italian latte to make it fragrantMocha.

銆€銆€Taste Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Health Index: 鈽?鈽?Weight Gain Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Kang Baolan: As long as you add the right amount of fresh milk to the Italian espresso, you can easily complete a cup of Kangbao blue.

銆€銆€Taste Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Health Index: 鈽?鈽?Weight Gain Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Macchiato Coffee: no whipped cream in Italian espresso, milk, only two large spoons of soft milk foamIt’s a cup of horses.

Unlike Kang Baolan, if you want to enjoy the delicious food of Maggie, you have to drink it.

銆€銆€Taste Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Health Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?Weight Gain Index: 鈽?鈽?鈽?鈽?