[How to remedy the cream becomes thinner and thinner]_How to add_Re-method

[How to remedy the cream becomes thinner and thinner]_How to add_Re-method

Cream is the finishing touch of many desserts. Adding a certain amount of cream to the dessert can enrich the overall taste and taste.

But creaming is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. At the same time, some skills are required to pass the cream, otherwise the problem of cream becoming thinner and thinner is likely to occur.

If the cream becomes more and more rare, what alternatives can be used to replace it?

How to recover from excessive buttering? This is to pass over 200g of whipped cream separated from water and oil, add milk powder and powdered sugar, and use a slow speed to take longer than a normal pass. Slowly, slowly, I wish you success!

Take the whipped cream that has been overheated and put it on a small stove to heat it. Keep stirring until the oil melts. If you see bubbles, you can turn off the heat and let it cool. After that, use a whisk to beat slowly until the water and oil are completely mixed.After cooling down, put the refrigerator in a sealed container for more than 24 hours, and take it out when you need it next time. Normally, you do n’t need to add sugar.Flowers can’t fit the cream.

1. Pour the whipped cream into a stainless steel bowl, add an appropriate amount of white sugar or powdered sugar, and stir gently with an eggbeater; start to whipping the whipping cream, and you will find that the thicker it gets, the thicker it will become; the whipping cream will keep getting thicker;At this time, you must start to beat constantly. If you want a good whipped cream, you must beat constantly. Don’t stop. Slow work can produce fine work.

2. Then you will see that there are some lines on the cream. If it is thickened, the lines are obvious. At this time, the cream can no longer flow. At this time, it feels smooth after being scraped with an eggbeater, that is, the hair is successfully passed.

This kind of whipped cream is very qualified whipped cream, you can use it directly, and you can show your skills on desserts.

3. But when it ‘s creamed, it ‘s not as continuous as possible. If you pass it too much, the whipped cream will become rough and not smooth, and it will look like tofu residue. At this time, the whipping cream has failed.

When whipping, put the whipped cream at 2 ℃?
It can be stored in a refrigerator at 7 ℃ for more than 24 hours, and it will be taken out after it is completely thawed.

Note: The temperature before the cream must not be higher than 10 ℃, but lower than 7 ℃ will also affect the stability of the cream and the amount of the cream.

After gently shaking the cream, pour it into the mixing tank. At this time, the temperature of the liquid cream must be 7 ° C.
10 ℃, the capacity is 10% of the mixing tank?
25%. At this time, too high or too low will affect the quality and stability of the cream after being beaten.