[7 small ways to double a woman’s sexual ability]

[7 small ways to double a woman’s sexual ability]

The quality of sex is closely related to self-confidence, but many women will be full of worry before sex: there is excess meat in the abdomen, it is not big enough, and may fail . These ideas have hit women’s self-confidence and even made them reject sex.

The following small methods can help women increase their self-confidence and improve their sexual experience.

Choosing the most suitable underwear thong for you is not suitable for everyone. Lace bras can sometimes cause the retina to dim.

So don’t be misled by the sales on magazines and TVs, choose the underwear that best suits your style.

First of all, the model should fit, too big or too small will make yourself uncomfortable, which will reduce self-confidence.

Basically, you must match your personality. If you are usually playful, small shorts with cute patterns will increase your cuteness. If you like low-key, black underwear can increase mystery. Finally, you should choose according to your skin. For example, if you have dark skin, do n’t wear orange.