Black fungus cure disease cure recipe

Black fungus cure disease cure recipe

Black fungus is a type of fungus.

Because it grows on rotten wood and looks like human ears, it is black or brownish black, so it is called black fungus, also known as xylosma, tree chicken.

This product is both edible and medicinal.

Black fungus originates from the fungus scale fungus, hair fungus or wrinkled fungus body, mostly parasitic on mulberry, oak, elm, poplar, locust tree and other decaying branches, originally wild, now mostly artificial cultivation.

  As early as in ancient times, our ancestors seemed to realize that black fungus was edible in the process of searching for food to satisfy their hunger.

The recognized recognition of the medicinal value is at the same time before the Han Dynasty, and the existing existing monographs on pharmacy were stored in the former. The Shennong Bencaojing of the Han Dynasty already recorded its medicinal value.

The book goes under the white strips of Sanggen: Wu auricula can “improve qi and thirst, and lighten up one’s will”; and the black one, “the master woman leaks red white juice, blood disease, swollen accumulation, Yin pain,Yin Yang cold and hot, no children.

(瘕: Traditional Chinese medicine refers to a disease in the stomach.

The five fungus mentioned above includes the black fungus today, and the mulberry black is the seed of the black fungus today.

  Compendiums of the past dynasties, such as The Famous Doctor’s Special Records of the Liang Dynasty in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Dietetic Herbal Medicine of the Tang Dynasty, Compendium of Materia Medica of the Ming Dynasty, and Contemporary Chinese Herbal Medicine, etc.

  Indications and effects Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is a food with a light taste, which can be seasoned with any personal favorite to make a variety of delicious dishes. As a medicine, it is a rare tonic.It is not tired and impatient, but can be used for a long time.

According to the “Chinese Materia Medica”: black fungus is sweet and flat, returning to the spleen, lungs, liver, and large intestine.

Indications Qi deficiency and blood loss, lung deficiency, long cough, hemoptysis, hemorrhoid bleeding, women’s metrorrhagia, irregular menstruation, bruises and so on.

  Modern research Contemporary medical scientists have conducted in-depth and systematic research on black fungus from the aspects of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and clinical application.

Modern experimental studies have shown that black fungus that is parasitic on different decay wood or substrates contains different ingredients and pharmacological effects.

Generally speaking, black fungus mainly contains protein, trace amounts, lecithin, sphingomyelin, multivitamins, and inorganic components such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It has anti-hemagglutination, anti-thrombosis, promotes immune function, regulates blood lipids, and resists atherosclerosis.Extensive pharmacological effects such as sclerosis, hypoglycemia, delaying aging, anti-ulcer, anti-wrinkle.

These studies not only provide a strong medicinal and pharmacological basis for this traditional traditional utility, but also create extremely favorable conditions for further rational application and development research.

  There are many single prescriptions for preventing black fungus from being used by folks, and a few are for your selection.

If you are not sure whether you can take the following single prescription, you can ask the local Chinese medicine practitioner or nutritionist for guidance. If there is a substitute for some of the following single prescriptions, you should immediately replace it and go to the local hospital for treatment; some prescriptions use brown sugar, Sugar, rock sugar, diabetic patients should take or reduce the amount when taking, so as not to increase the metabolic diabetes.

  ● Vascular sclerosis, coronary heart disease: 5 grams of black fungus, soak overnight in water, steam for 1 hour, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar (optionally), take it before bedtime, and continuously eat it; or add it in dumplings or buns for long-term consumption.

  ● Anemia: 30 grams of black fungus, 30 red dates, cooked and served, you can also add brown sugar to flavor.

  ● Hemorrhoid bleeding, constipation: 6 grams of black fungus, 30 grams of persimmon, boiled together, eat at will.

  ● Menstrual periods, more than dripping, red leucorrhea: black fungus baked, finely ground, 3-6 grams each time, 2 times a day, brown sugar water delivery.

  ● Leakage (equivalent to functional uterine bleeding): 60 grams of black fungus, boiled with water, add 60 grams of brown sugar, take 2 times a day.

  ● Postpartum weakness, cramps and numbness: 30 grams of black fungus, soaked in vinegar, eat 5-6 times, 3 times a day.

Those with too much stomach acid and heartburn should not take it.

  Fundus hemorrhage: 3-6 grams of fungus, 5 grams of rock sugar, add water, moderate stew soup, take a meal before bedtime.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  Black fungus is a tonic and its medicine is gentle, so it should only be used for the daily health care of people with mild or sub-health. In case of severe emergency, it should be compatible with other drugs or as a therapeutic aid.

In addition, black fungus is more difficult to digest and has a certain function of smooth intestine. Therefore, those with indigestion of spleen deficiency or thin stools should not use it; those who are allergic to this product and similar to it should also avoid taking it.

Strength and elegance can be yoga for men

Strength and elegance can be yoga for men

Some people think that yoga is a women’s special sport. At the same time when yoga rose in China, a large number of female yoga instructors were generated. Most of the yoga enthusiasts in the classroom were also women.

As a result, men believe that yoga practice is too soft to achieve the strength effect they want.

  This phenomenon occurs because people only see the “softness” of yoga and ignore the “strength” of yoga.

Yoga posture exercises have the function of strengthening the body and balancing the various systems of the body.

It mainly relies on the body to pinch, pull, twist, squeeze and other methods to effectively massage the internal organs of the body and stimulate the major glands of the body to achieve the role of a healthy body.

After people have practiced yoga poses, the body will naturally become soft, so as long as you can practice yoga consistently, everyone will improve the softness of the body to varying degrees. Therefore, do notLose confidence in themselves.

At the beginning, the stiffness of each part of the body is very natural. This is just a small “warning” to you-it is necessary to thoroughly repair the body.

  In fact, yoga practice is definitely not only about the softness of the human body, it is also very worthy of “replacement”, that is, the exercise of intensity.

With the development of yoga, modern yogis are also constantly exploring ways suitable for modern people to practice. On the basis of not departing from the principles of yoga practice, power (strength) yoga has also been loved and recognized by more and more people.Yoga pays attention to the softness of the body while adding training in the ability to intervene in the muscles.

  The sloping mountain style is a variant of the mountain style.

(Urdhva’s Sanskrit means “up”, Hasta’s Sanskrit means “arm”, and Tadasanaurdhva Hastasana means “mountain-style with arms tilted up”) Back, wrists and fingers are exercised.

  How to practice: 1.

Barefoot tip on any level ground.

The feet are merged, and beginners can choose to open their feet 5 cm away.


The body’s center of gravity is evenly distributed above and outside the soles of the feet. At the same time, relax the toes, tighten the tibia, rotate the anterior thigh muscles to the front, retract the arms, lift the pelvis and tibia.


Keep your head and spine vertical, lift your arms, open your palms, palms facing each other, stretch your arms, feel the extension of your trunk muscles, and lift your arms and fingers.

(Especially the little finger lift can help us straighten our elbows more) 4.

Keep your limbs healing, lift and relax your muscles, look ahead, and relax your eyes and facial muscles.


Rotate your wrist, palm forward, keep breathing, conscious awareness, experience the connection between body and consciousness, and feel the energy from bottom to top.

Balance the soles of the feet, pelvis and tibia.

The final pose can be held for 30-60 seconds.

  Note: Patients with headache caused by stress need to avoid practicing this posture. Patients with high blood pressure or hypotension should keep the final posture for no more than 15 seconds. Patients with lumbar disc bulging should keep their postures and open their knees.

  Action points: Keep your feet balanced, balance the pelvis and head, and keep your body’s center of gravity tilted upwards; wrong postures can cause discomfort in the lumbar region.

  Efficacy: 1.

Relieve depression and improve self-confidence 2.

Exercise the abdomen, pelvis, torso and back area 3.

Relieve sciatica 4.

Contract the knee and foot muscles 5.

Stretches the spine muscles to reduce back pain and stiffness.

Orthopedic Venues Provided: Yosemite Yoga Instructor Introduction: AshishBist was born in Garhwal Himalaya, R, the hometown of yoga creator Shiva.




A (Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Welfare Association) founder of the Rishikesh Yoga Coach Alliance.

Currently serves as R & D Director of Yosemite Teaching.
  He has been studying traditional yoga with a local master at Rishikesh since the age of 10, and then learned Himalayan yoga and meditation with his own disciple ISuresh Binjola, a great Himalayan mentor SwamiRama, and followed B.


SwamiBr, a senior disciple of Master Iyengar.

RudraDev studied assistive yoga and completed a yoga teacher training course at Parmarth Niketan College in 2001.

  Ashish has more than 10 years of teaching experience, specializing in teaching traditional Hatha yoga and chanting.

He believes that yoga is a comprehensive practice that combines body, mind, and spirit, and transcends the body, mind, and spirit to a peaceful, peaceful state.

Through practice, you can improve your concentration, understand your body, and keep yourself in peace and joy forever.

About the time and frequency of yoga practice

About the time and frequency of yoga practice

There should be no particularly strict rules on time and frequency.

For example, yoga requires one hour before or after a long period of time without food, which is beneficial to certain movements and you want to get.

For those who have a strong desire to lose weight, it is best not to eat for three to four hours before and after exercise, because the aunt can be mobilized to participate in exercise consumption without preserving energy in advance. After exercise, the functional organs of the internal organs of the body are strengthened, including the absorption organs.If you eat immediately, your body will absorb too much.

As for the anal deed, the breathing method or eye health function can be performed at any time as long as you have time.

The number of exercises should be guided by your own feelings. Any kind of action has different degrees of effectiveness on different people, which is determined by your own physical condition.

  The time limit is relatively speaking.

If you fail to follow these standards you can continue your exercise.

One hour before eating, this means don’t eat immediately after exercising, you need to rest and relax your body. If you are hungry or must eat, go eat well, but don’t eat too fast.

In the exercise 2 hours after eating, it means, don’t let your stomach work out while working. If the stomach works out while working out, the body will often overburden and cause illness or easily cause adverse effects, even food.Can not be absorbed well, the body is easily fatigued during exercise, it is not easy to concentrate, and so on.

  If you eat little or easily digested food, they will digest it quickly.

This usually takes about 30-`120 minutes, and you can master it.

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

Seven kinds of friends worth a lifetime

The first kind of good friends: spurs we all need the kind of people who push us forward.

If you qualify for promotion and aren’t sure, she will say, “That job is perfect for you.

Now we should hang up and you have something to do now.

Call me when you’re done!

“Good friend type two: A good consultant can ask her for help when you have a big problem-if life is happy, what is the secret of success-and she can always give you an appropriate answer.

  Good friend type three: a younger friend who is an intern in the office or an immigrant who has moved from another city to your next door.

Make sure she deserves your support, and then support her.

  Good friend fourth: not the mother’s mother, she can be your good, older neighbor, she will give you soup when you are sick; she may also be your friend’s mother, she often invites you on holidayshave dinner.

Everyone has a need for someone’s pampering.

  Good friend fifth: Translator male friends know more about men’s thoughts, and he will give you wise advice. Having such friends is not harmful to you.

He can tell you exactly what he means when your boyfriend says “I need my own space” (find a new boyfriend!

) The sixth best friend: When you need to decompress, she will pull you to sing karaoke or tell you a little joke about her life, making you laugh straight.

  Good friend seventh: someone who cares about you. She looks at you like a moment and takes care of your sister.

When you think someone is bad for you, she is sincere, and she was the first person you called when an emergency happened at three in the morning.

Yogurt may affect the efficacy of blood pressure, especially for hypoglycemic drugs.

Yogurt may affect the efficacy of blood pressure, especially for hypoglycemic drugs.

Yogurt tastes good and contains probiotics, but you should pay attention when drinking yoghurt when taking medicine, because some drugs will react with calcium and lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, lighter to reduce the efficacy, and severe cases may produce gallstones and kidney stones.

Take the following medicines and drink yogurt should be more than 2 hours.

  Antibiotics: Active lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed by antibiotics in the body, so antibiotics that are sensitive to lactic acid bacteria such as roxithromycin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol must be staggered with the time of drinking yogurt.

First, lactic acid bacteria are sensitive to these drugs. Second, antibiotics interact with calcium ions in yogurt to form complexes, which greatly reduce the absorption of drugs and reduce the efficacy.

  Although taking it with yogurt will affect the efficacy, but after drinking antibiotics for 2 hours, you can adjust the symptoms of loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other symptoms caused by taking the medicine.

  Iron-containing drugs: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate (rich blood iron), ferrous succinate, ferric ammonium citrate, slow-release iron and other iron-containing preparations, are commonly used drugs for iron deficiency anemia in women and children.Calcium ions in yogurt can compete with iron in the duodenum, reducing iron absorption and reducing efficacy.

  Cardiotonic medicine: When patients with heart failure are treated with digitalis, digoxin and other cardiotonic drugs, if they drink a lot of yogurt at the same time, there may be symptoms such as yellow vision and even accidents, because the calcium contained in the yogurt can increase these.The toxicity of cardiac glycosides.

  Hypoglycemic agents: When metformin exerts hypoglycemic action, it will increase lactic acid in the body, while yoghurt contains a large amount of lactic acid bacteria, which will increase the amount of lactic acid.

If extended, taking extended doses of metformin, drinking yogurt can cause accumulation of lactic acid in the body, which may cause lactic acidosis.

In order to avoid accumulation of lactic acid in the body, other dairy products can be used instead of yogurt during the use of metformin.

  Antihypertensive drugs: In patients with severe hypertension, if you use antihypertensive drugs such as Youjianging, if you drink yogurt or other dairy products at the same time, it may cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, severe blood pressure continues to rise, and even high blood pressure occurs.Crisis.

Simple Chinese Medicine Skin Care Products DIY


Simple Chinese Medicine Skin Care Products DIY

Traditional Chinese medicine has been passed down for thousands of years, and it has a direct impact on the history of medical development in the entire Asian region. Although western medicine is now popular, parts of traditional Chinese medicine are still sublime.

You often use Chinese medicine to condition your body. You may not know it. As long as you master the methods and tips, you can also use Chinese medicine to make some simple skin care products.


Effect of Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of dilating blood vessels and reducing contraction. It can make skin cells, brain cells and hair get sufficient blood volume.

  Usage: You can pluck the tubers to extract the concentrated juice of Polygonum multiflorum and wash the porridge with rice and red dates.

Xiaobian comment: He Shouwu’s name, I believe that even people who have no knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine have heard it, and it has always been related to maintaining black hair.

Want a beautiful black hair, make a good friend with He Shouwu!


Oatmeal effect: It can soothe dry skin after being blown by the wind. It has excellent moisturizing effect and is most suitable for sensitive skin.

  To use: Apply thick oatmeal to your face, remember to use it near your skin.

Editor’s comment: MM who loves oats, isn’t it for you to drink this time, or to apply it?
In the beginning of the autumn season, do n’t forget the moisturizing homework.


The effect of angelica: activating blood, nourishing blood, can lighten spots, whitening, is recognized as an anti-aging beauty agent, known as “beauty medicine”.

  Usage: Grind into powder, apply it to the face after mixing into a paste, or dip it in a cotton pad and boil it with water.


Paeoniae effect: It has the reputation of divine beauty, can make the skin tender and delicate, and has an excellent anti-wrinkle and wrinkle removal effect.

  Usage: White lotus root powder with egg white, honey is a high-quality natural mask.


Zelan effect: The medicinal part is stems and leaves. Zelan leaves boil water for bathing, which can make hair shiny and skin smooth.

  Usage: Zelan tea can help the mother to recover her slim body as soon as possible.

Beauty: 40 kinds of skin decompression methods


Beauty: 40 kinds of skin decompression methods

The pressure is overwhelming.

Although the intense emotions of pain-anger, grief, frustration, fear, more or less infiltrate or even dominate our daily lives, it is not as difficult as it is to keep our lives intact.

The following 40 methods include the maintenance of interpersonal relationships, the experience of different things, the maintenance of a healthy body, and simple entertainment, etc. They will help you face conflicts and have a motive force to face life more actively.

  Completely release yourself to experience life1 and experience life in person.

Watching stage shows, don’t just watch movies, just listen to CDs, just play computer games, listening to live performances will make you feel more real life.

  2.Experience different cultures through food and add exoticism in life. For example, go to an Indian restaurant and enjoy chicken breasts grilled on a peat stove.

  3. Help a friend or colleague make a surprise day, give him a party or unexpected and timely assistance, and let yourself be infected by his feelings.

  4. Be a good teacher and friend of others, share your knowledge with others, help others, and learn communication skills in it.

  5. Volunteer to help others feel the love and fulfillment in your heart.

  6. Sending emails is quick and easy, but it’s easier to talk on the phone, send cards, and write letters.

  7. Participate in charity activities, organize some clothes that you will no longer wear, and donate them to poor girls in poor areas.

  Enrich yourself 8. Make a call to friends and classmates who have been out of contact for a long time.

  9. Try to be a healthy low-fat cooking expert, study cooking techniques carefully, invite friends to share results, and exchange feelings at the same time.

  10. If writing a short story or conquering a certain mountain has always been your unfulfilled wish, then start to do it now, life is short, what are you waiting for?

  11. Enrich yourself and use your spare time to take courses that have nothing to do with work, even if you are learning a foreign language.

  12. Arrange health checkups, such as washing your teeth and breast examinations. Taking care of your body is the most important thing.

  13, check the food cabinet, the focus is on the shelf life, which should be thrown away, the supplementary supplement.

  14. Plan your next vacation, browse the tour guide or sightseeing guide, and look forward to the new vitality.

  15. Experience a sport you haven’t tried before, some fishing or camping.

  Relax the nerves 16, think about your childhood volunteering, and regain your long-lost childlike heart.

  17. Whether attending a party or enjoying nature in the wild can help to enrich your soul and experience life again.

  18. Focus on what you can grasp. Don’t worry about yourself and take actions that are beneficial to life and health.

  19. Stay fresh and stylish at any time, pay attention to the meter, whether you are 23 or 73 years old.

  20, sleep 8 every day?
9 hours, especially in the face of stress, can keep you refreshed.

  21. Check the office seats and lights. Even slight adjustments can effectively reduce muscle aches and eye fatigue.

  22. Put in all expired medicines.

  23. Buy a set of fitness CDs, and some Pilates that have stretching effects, stimulate interest in fresh sports.

  24. Stewed chicken soup or vegetable soup with zero dung, add staple foods, such as rice, and cook together.

  25. If you are used to doing fitness exercises indoors, try going outdoors to experience the vitality that nature gives you.

  26. There are more and more types of aerobic fitness dance. Whether it is Latin aerobics or stepping aerobics, you may wish to try it easily.

  27. Find a pure entertainment that you like, such as K song, bundi, without setting goals and limiting time.

  28, go directly to the countryside to buy fresh vegetables and fruits.

  29. Create a special ceremony on Friday night.

In addition to reducing stress, you can also draw a line between work and rest.

  30. Water can help calm your mind and make more contact with water.

Seaside, lakeside and river embankment are all good places.

Of course, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water.
  31. Massage is best for relaxation.
  Create romance 32, decorate flowers and candles on the table, play music, thank God for giving, eat attentively, and make time fresh.

  33. The use of incense can not only recognise the beauty of the senses, but also the joy of pampering yourself.

34. Placing a pot of flowers and herbs on the windowsill can both relieve visual fatigue and regulate indoor air.

  35. Regularly update the form of the party. Don’t always have dinner together, as this will lose freshness.

  36. Take “Vitamin E” once a day, which means “humorous”; send a joke email to friends every day.

  37. Enjoy the happy hour of friends together.

It is the cheapest and most amazing pressure buffer.

  38. Move your body anytime, anywhere. Exercise is a natural sedative. Whenever it is gentle, whether it is indoor or piled up, it is followed by physiological stability.

  39. Pure music can activate the right brain and relax. Once the lyrics are added, the left brain becomes active, which can easily lead to wild thoughts.

  40. Encourage yourself at any time.

Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your baby

Sleeping on your stomach is not good for your baby

My son is now 10 months. In the last two months, he has always been lying on his stomach when he was sleeping.

Will my child’s sleeping position affect his lungs and heart?

  Generally, it is not recommended for babies under 4 months to sleep on their stomachs, because babies at this stage cannot turn up strongly, so there is a danger of suffocation.

  For babies over 4 months, sleeping on their stomachs is generally not harmful. For healthy children, it will not affect the heart and lungs. I think we can let it go.

And as you said, the habit of the baby’s parents is difficult to correct, and he can’t stare at him all night, so just let him go.

  According to my observation, sleeping on your stomach is only a habit of the baby at some stages. It is not necessary to say that you will sleep on your stomach for many years in the future, so parents need not worry, and then he will naturally return to normal sleeping posture.

Winter lip care method makes lips hydrated for a winter_1

Winter lip care method to make lips hydrated for a winter

Having moving lips is what every mm dreams of.

But in winter, lips are prone to problems.

Dryness, or the far end can hurt your lips, so how can we protect our gentle land?

  1. When winter arrives, the moisture content in the air is very small, and it is easy to dry.

At this time, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially pears, coriander, and other foods that have the effect of regenerating fluids, and supplement the human body with vitamin B2 and vitamin A.

  2. When your lips are dry, licking your lips will only bring about a short period of moisture, and when the water evaporates, it will take away more water.

Do not peel at will, this can cause bleeding and pain.

The correct way is to apply a hot towel to the lips 3?
For 5 minutes, then use a soft brush to brush off the dead skin on the lips and apply lip balm.

  3. Apply lipstick and apply lip balm before applying lip gloss, because the lip color and lip lines in cosmetics can be removed and the lip balm can be isolated.

  4. Apply honey, olive oil or a thick layer of vaseline to your lips before going to bed, then seal the lips with plastic wrap, and then apply them with a warm towel. After a few minutes, you can achieve a plump and moisturizing effect.

  5. Regularly massage the lips, which can stimulate blood circulation, tighten the contours of the mouth, eliminate or reduce lateral wrinkles on the lips, 6. Do not eat spicy food, which will stimulate the ulceration and blistering of the lips.The reason why some friends get angry on their mouths is actually irritating.

Premature babies debt is best paid in time

Premature babies “debt” is best paid in time

[Introduction]Due to environmental pollution, food safety, work pressure and other reasons, the incidence of premature babies has increased in recent years.
Parents should not think that premature babies will be treated well after being discharged from hospital. Nutrition management after discharge is very important.
  ”Premature babies are a special group. They owed ‘nutrition debts’ at birth. Later, because they needed treatment, they owed more debts. All these debts were to be repaid.
“Experts in the clinical nutrition department of Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center said that because of the” debt “owed by premature babies, they are prone to seven major problems such as cerebral palsy after returning home from hospital.
  Experts remind parents not to think that premature babies will be fine after being discharged from hospital for treatment, and nutrition management is very important after discharge.
Premature babies have the potential for catch-up growth. Parents should use this potential to develop their children’s “debt repayment plan” under the guidance of experts, so as to strive for premature babies to catch up with their peers within one year of age.
  ●据估算我国的早产儿发生率约为8%,且因环境污染、食物、压力等因素每年还在增加  ●早产儿在母亲宫内、住院期间及出院后都欠下“营养债”,需要在一岁内还清,才能追赶上同龄正常儿童  ●早产儿出院后易遇七大问题,要接受专科的营养医学管理,制定个性化的“还债方案”  早产儿欠下“营养债”  根据官方Data, the average incidence of premature babies in China is about 8%.
The incidence of premature babies has been increasing year by year in recent years. Liu Xihong, director of the clinical nutrition specialist at Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, said that this is related to comprehensive factors such as environmental pollution, food safety issues, and increased work pressure.
  Along with the high incidence of premature babies, due to medical advances, the success rate of premature babies and the survival rate of premature babies are also increasing.
This “three highs” has led to an increasing number of premature babies, and more and more premature babies with ultra-low age and ultra-low weight are more and more common.
How to raise these “congenital owed” children smoothly?
It is a great test for parents.
  Liu Xihong emphasized that premature babies are a special group and did not leave the mother’s body to come to life.
Some premature babies require hospitalization at birth due to complications, and some have mild symptoms that do not require treatment.
“But as long as they are premature babies, they are born with ‘debt’.
Liu Xihong said that the “nutrition debt” carried by premature babies can be divided into two types: intrauterine and extrauterine. Intrauterine nutrition debt refers to coming out of the mother’s stomach too early, immature, and owing “debt”;The external debt refers to the need for treatment due to complications after birth. Diseases and medications will increase the “nutrition debt” owed by premature babies. Even if no treatment is needed, because of its lack of conditions, nutritional intolerance will occur during feeding.The “nutrition debt” owed further increased.
  Premature babies are prone to seven major problems after being discharged from hospital Liu Xihong said that compared with normal children of the same age, premature babies are more likely to suffer from the following seven major problems after being discharged home because of their “debt”: 1.
Cerebral Palsy.
The prevalence of cerebral palsy in preterm infants averages 3%, and the prevalence of cerebral palsy in preterm infants with lower gestational age and lower weight at birth is higher.
Nervous system development is retarded, manifested as other children of the same age can sit, premature babies are not yet, other children can turn on their own, can stand, or even hold things by hand, but premature babies must be significantly behind.
The mental retardation causes premature babies to be unable to keep up with their academic performance in the future, inadequate adaptability, low emotional quotient, and unsuitability.
Growth and development lag, the most obvious manifestation is that weight and height can not keep up with children of the same age.
According to surveys, the prevalence of premature babies with growth retardation is between 30% and 80%. The lower the gestational age at birth and the lower the weight, the higher the incidence of premature babies.
Poor resistance and susceptibility to illness make premature babies need to be hospitalized repeatedly after being discharged.
Hearing and vision impairment, for which preterm infants should be screened for hearing and vision before and after discharge.
Chronic lung disease, which is related to the need to use a ventilator and oxygen when premature babies are born.
  Liu Xihong said that these seven problems are collectively called “developmental disorders” and are related to the “nutrition debt” owed by premature babies.
  Under the guidance of professional doctors, “debt repayment” “Many premature babies will be hospitalized in the neonatal ward after being born and treated for a period of time before returning home.
After leaving the hospital, parents should never assume that their child has been cured, and it will be fine to return home.
Liu Xihong reiterated that no matter whether the premature baby was hospitalized after birth, he should not be taken lightly after returning home.
“Premature babies are born with debts, and debts must be repaid, otherwise the future will be unsteady.
“For this reason, medical management after discharge from premature babies is very important.Liu Xihong likens that the “nutrition debt” owed by premature babies is like the debt we owe to the bank and can be paid off in batches.

“We owe the bank money, expect to be able to pay our debts, and work out a loan repayment plan.

The reason for premature babies to pay back ‘nutrition debt’ is the same.

Liu Xihong said that the “debt repayment ability” of each premature baby is different, and the debt repayment plan is also different. It needs to take a personalized line.

  Liu Xihong said that premature babies have the potential to catch up, and tapping this potential is the “debt-paying ability” of premature babies.

How can parents develop a “debt repayment plan” for premature babies?

Writer Liu Xihong, the debt repayment plan must be carried out under the guidance of a professional doctor, and parents cannot be “self-taught”.

Medical management of premature babies is a systematic medical engineering that requires the intervention of trained specialists.

A series of physical calculations are performed by the specialist for the child to determine the timetable of “debt repayment”.

  She suggested that parents visit the premature infant medical management specialist every half to one month in the first 6 months after birth, once every two months after 6 months, and every 3 months after 1 year of age.

The purpose of seeing a specialist is to allow doctors to help prospective children with catch-up programs that parents can operate at home.

It should be noted that the catch-up growth of premature babies must be carried out within the age of one, and it is very difficult to come back after the age of one.

And the best catch-up time is at 0?
6 months, because this is one of the two peaks of human growth.

  Premature babies “repay debt” Two reminders “too much debt repayment” does not work Some parents said that premature babies are inherently inadequate, and the day after tomorrow will continue to catch up, and they can even learn from the “eagle dad” who let his son run naked in the snow and take some very”” Parenting.

However, Liu Xihong reminded that premature babies should catch up with normal children, but also pay attention to the speed of catching up. If they are too hard, they will be too late.

  Premature babies “pay debt” too much, exceeding the debt, will bury hidden dangers, greatly increasing the risk of adulthood from metabolic diseases such as hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and so on.

Experts remind that the main indicator of premature babies in catching up is the initial growth rate, that is, the growth rate of themselves and themselves. This growth rate should exceed the normal child, but not more than too much.

In addition, there is another criterion for whether a normal premature child “pays debts” properly: weight, height, and head circumference must grow evenly. If they grow too fast, it is not good.

  Too much nutrients means that “poisonous” premature parents are mostly worried that their children can’t keep up with normal children of the same age and always try to “tonic” their children.

Liu Xihong reminded that the child’s “tonic” is a university question, and it is definitely not something that parents can operate based on their own experience.

“There are 40 kinds of nutrients that the human body needs. One is indispensable and the other is not enough. Too much is poison.

“Liu Xihong said that the principle for parents to accept their children should be” no shortage and no supplement “. If the child does not lack this nutrient, the parents will supplement the child in haphazard manner, but there will be alternatives.

  So how do you tell if your child lacks a certain nutrient?

Liu Xihong said that the lack of nutrients should be judged on the basis of children’s physical signs, case changes, and laboratory test results, and they should not only suffer from “feeling”.